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up and down rocker moving

One Simple Click

This height adjustable baby rocker lets baby lounge all over the house. With only one hand, adjust the seat to 4 different heights and 3 different reclining positions.

up and down rocker


Soft padded machine-washable cushion provides the ultimate comfort for baby while lounging and relaxing.

Newborn lounging in Beaba Up & Down Rocker

Newborn Friendly

This baby rocker is suitable for infants from birth. Featuring a removable newborn insert that provides optimum support for the head and hip flexors.

Seat belt on Beaba Up & Down Rocker

Max Security

Excellent stability, rocking lock, and 5-point harness. Rocking function with an integrated locking system for safety when rocking baby.


5.00 Stars / 9 Reviews
5.00 out of 5
  1. Jenn Haye

    Best Baby Product Ever!!
    As a mom of 4, I didn’t want to waste money on unnecessary baby products. I wanted something that was functional and that I knew my baby would enjoy. The Up & Down Rocker meets and exceeds all my expectations. My baby absolutely loves it. She enjoys sitting up and watching everything but will also sleep for hours on the rocker. One happy baby and one extremely happy mommy!! 🙂

  2. Keiah V.

    Every parent needs one.
    I am a SAHM that used the boppy and other heavy swings to put my infant in and it became cumbersome to carry and move and was never high enough. This chair has changed everything! I received it as a gift and it’s allowed me to have my infant in any room as I move about the home and feel comfort in knowing he’s safely in his chair watching me. The highest height is perfect because I’m able to reach him easily. He is perfectly content know being able to sit up and see me and lay back when falling asleep. It’s worth the $$!

  3. Claudia

    Worth It
    I was hesitant at first because I didn’t want to spend so much money on a rocker. But I’m so glad I did. My baby takes naps on it, and can lounge on it while I clean, cook or work. Since he is still too small to sit on his own, I love that we can use this during dinner time. The reclining and height positions are perfect.

  4. Vivian Chan

    New mama bestie!
    As a first-time mama, everything is new and a learning experience. One thing that I did not think about was how difficult my postpartum recovery would be. I could barely walk and placing my infant in a traditional swing that was on the floor was completely out of the question. There was no way I could bend down to that level. The Up and Down Rocker allows me to comfortably secure my baby in a swing while I tended to other new mama duties such as pumping. The best part is it will continue to grow with my daughter as she hits milestones. With three different reclining positions and multi-height levels, she will be using this piece of furniture for months to come. The seat includes an infant insert and padded straps for extra comfort. I have recommended this to my new mama friends and they love it!

  5. Lisbeth

    Very convenient
    I bought this 3months before my due date, and i just started to use it with my 2 weeks old newborn and it’s awesome, I placed my daughter on the rocking chair while we are eating, what we love about it is that it adjustable height and it has 3 level of incline to make my baby more comfortable. I highly recommended, it pricy but worth the money and it’s a steady chair

  6. Romarks

    We have used this every single day!
    From the day we brought our baby girl home from the hospital we have used the up & down rocker constantly. It’s our absolute favorite piece of baby gear, and it’s been Indah’s favorite place to hang out, especially when we’re eating meals at the dining table and she’s able to be right in the mix with us. We set her up in the kitchen when we’re cooking and she’s loved watching us from it. She even learned how to push off the table with her feet to rock herself—fully strapped in, of course. We even brought it on a road trip with us, that’s how much we couldn’t imagine being without it. I’m so bummed she’s almost grown out of it!

  7. Navs

    So easy to move around with me.
    I bought this before the baby was born and it has been the chair I’ve most used now that the baby is 3 month. Absolutely needed this!

  8. Laura

    This rocker gets used on a daily basis multiple times a day
    As a first time mom you’re never sure which rocker will be best for your LO. Thankfully, I got this as a gift and have been using it for 6 months straight. It’s light enough to carry from one room to another and height adjustment is useful to keep baby near reach.Material is super soft and color is neutral which is always a win for me.

  9. Kat

    Most used baby item !
    I have one month old twins and let me tell you of all the things we bought and were gifted these Beaba rockers are the most used items we have. The height makes it so easy to care for my babies and they really love napping and hanging out in these. I’m buying another one right now for a friend. It’s not on her registry but I’m going to get her one anyway. I’m sure she’ll get as much use out of it as we do !

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