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Beaba air purifier

Why Does My Baby Need A Purifier?

Did you know that in a nursery, toxic airborne particles called VOCs can be released from freshly painted walls, carpet backing, stained wood and even crib mattresses? Read more here.

Beaba Air Purifier

Advanced 4-stage filtration

Filters & traps 99.97% of VOCs, bacteria, dander, dust, allergens and airborne pollutants in your home that are harmful to baby -a must for their developing lungs & immune systems.

Beaba Air purifer at night

Night mode

Night light & whisper-quiet operation for undisturbed sleep

Beaba Air Purifier

360° clean air

Projects purified air throughout baby’s room quickly and efficiently.

Beaba Air Purifier

Intuitive design

3 fan speeds. Night light mode. 7 rotating ambiance colors. Settings that suit your baby.


4.78 Stars / 9 Reviews
4.78 out of 5
  1. Rose

    Quiet and chic clean air!
    I ordered this last year and have loved the peace of mind it gives me. I can definitely tell the air feels much cleaner when it’s on. It looks great sitting out and is pretty quiet. Would recommend!

  2. Jennie Chan (verified owner)

    Amazing! I purchased this at the beginning of quarantine. I figured that my baby and I will be indoors, we should get the cleanest air possible. Definitely notice a change in air quality and dust when I use my purifier! Also love the ambient lighting with it! So fun!

  3. Ali Cohen

    Love the way this purifier fits into the decor of my home. The calming sound of the fan definitely helps with sleep time. The air feels noticeably cleaner which was what I hoped for – especially during the pandemic. Highly recommend!

  4. Anya

    Perfect in Every Way!
    This air purifier looks amazing in my nursey! My little one loves the night light and soft white noise it makes, and I love how clean the air feels!

  5. risa s

    I purchased this as recommend by a friend who has one for her baby but the truth is I don’t have a baby and just needed one for myself! Definitely would recommend purchasing one even for yourself. It’s so quiet, the design is sleek, and it’s extremely user friendly.

  6. Laura Rodriguez

    BEABA Nursery Air Purifier
    Love this air purifier for my nursery. It’s super quiet! I love the night mode as it is very relaxing watching the colors change. Very sleek looking that would compliment any room .. added a few to my registry for other rooms in the house. Highly recommend!

  7. Raina

    Works better than Dyson
    I own two different models of the Dyson air purifiers and this Beaba one does a better job at giving off clean air. The fact this is meant for infants and from a European brand gives a lot of peace of mind in terms if quality and trust. I definitely recommend this, especially if you get affected by the toxic air from the west coast wildfires.

  8. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Easy to use
    Beaba air purifier does exactly what it says it cleans the air and makes this mama sleep a whole lot better knowing my children are sleeping and breathing in cleaner air. Purchasing another one

  9. Laura

    You can’t go wrong with this purifier! I have both dyson and Beaba but highly recommend and prefer Beabas purifier instead. It has night mode which is a plus for a nursery or toddlers room especially since it’s quiet. Just the perfect amount of white noise.

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