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BEABA Up & Down High Chair 28 inches to 36 inches

1 chair, 6 heights

Not all tables are created equal. Our patented Up & Down tech allows baby to eat with you at your 28-inch-high dining table, your 36-inch high counter and everything in between!

Baby in BEABA Up & Down High Chair

Stain-Resistant Cushion

The stain-resistant removable cushion is made to last even the messiest of mealtimes but can be thrown in the wash.

BEABA Up & Down High Chair

Removable Tray

Removable tray allows for easy cleaning and transition before and after meals.


2.20 Stars / 20 Reviews
2.20 out of 5
  1. Jelena (verified owner)

    Good high chair
    – Very easy to assembly
    – Adjustable heights which is useful if you have dining table as well as bar
    – Very nice design with natural color

    – not foldable so it can take some space

    Global comment: very nice chair and very happy to have it.

  2. Noesdieta

    Great features ! So comfortable
    I bought it for my older son and since then it has been my favorite for my boys. Is the best high chair you could find.

  3. Jillian (verified owner)

    Absolute Garbage
    Washed it once on a gentle cycle and the threading on the cushion came apart. For a premium priced product, the quality is terrible. Plus there are mistakes in the guide to put it together so it’s pretty confusing.

    • BEABA

      Hi Jillian! We’re sorry to hear about your experience! A member of our customer service team will be in touch.

  4. Priyanka

    Quality sucks for the price
    Seat cover fabric got ripped off near the stitches in delicate cycle. So disappointed. Would never recommend anyone

  5. Cynthia (verified owner)

    Nice but not practical
    Like the high chairs for my boys…I love the fact that they go up and down.

    I don’t like that after 4 months the cushion is starting to show some wear. And they don’t have any extra on the website to buy.

    Its also hard to take it apart to wash it.

  6. Diane Lee

    The seat cover is of poor quality
    I washed the fabric seat cover one time on a gentle cycle and the threading on the cushion came apart. Even I can’t buy the cover

  7. Taniisha Johnson

    High chair cover not great
    When washed on gentle cycle the threading came out in the second cycle. Very disappointed. I had inquired about a replacement and was told I will be notified of a restock and it’s been over 6 months and have not heard anything back. Very disappointing product due to the price

  8. Kate

    Poor Cushion Construction
    As noted in previous reviews, one gentle cycle and the cushion is ruined. I love the chair itself, but for the price, the cushion shouldn’t be so shoddily constructed.

  9. Elizabeth Xirafakis

    Horrible Quality
    I washed the high chair cushion one time on gentle and it came completely apart. Very cheaply made.

  10. Rachel

    Cushion fell apart!
    Love the adjustable feature, but I washed it on gentile cycle (only thing in the wash), and the seams fell apart! For an expensive high chair? I reached out on Instagram, but received no response.

  11. New Mom

    Love this high chair!
    I love the look of this high chair, so aesthetically pleasing and modern. The different height adjustments are great for when we are in other areas of the home. The cushion was easy to wash and came out new!

  12. CB

    Cushion gets destroyed in one wash
    I am very disappointed in our purchase of the Up and Down high chair. The cushion has ripped and frayed in multiple places after one single wash with the gentle setting. Customer service is unable to replace it as it is out of stock (probably because so many people are having this exact same issue).
    This high chair looks really nice… in the beginning. As soon as you wash the cushion, this nice chair has a ripped cover. It’s never going to look good again. On the second wash, the seams rip out completely and the cushion is unusable. Look elsewhere!

  13. Sonam

    Cushion ruined
    Cushion ruined after 2 washes and looks awful. Threads came out everywhere and even after trying to see it it still doesn’t hold. I looked everywhere to buy an additional cover but cannot find anything. Any ideas of what I can replace it with

  14. JT

    So so
    Cushion falls apart quickly, and cant find replacement!
    Instructions to put together were not as easy as they say.

  15. Scott (verified owner)

    Solid Chair and easy to assemble
    Great quality and easy to assemble. Overall imoressed.

  16. Caesar Paet

    High Chair - Poor Quality Cushion
    The high chair is great, but the cushion is of poor quality.
    Like others have noted, our chair has also fallen apart, literally.
    I came to the site to buy a replacement but apparently replacements are not offered.

  17. Dulcie

    Poor quality cushion
    Threw it in the washer once/ air dry and the threads are all out and torn apart! Not worth the price

  18. Dulcie

    Poor quality cushion
    Threw it in the washer once/ air dry and the threads are all out and cushion torn apart! Not worth the price

  19. Peter Ramsumair

    Seat cushion poor quality
    Seat cushion falls apart after one wash one delicate and no replacement available for sale!

  20. Alison

    When I was shopping for a highchair for my baby, I absolutely fell in love with this one. Fast forward to needing to wash the cushion and it fell apart! The seams frayed and it has a horrible smell that I can’t seem to get out because I’m afraid of washing again! I would never recommend.

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