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straw cup pink

Stylish, carefully crafted drinkware for little ones learning to drink. Sippy cup continues the transition for children 8mo+ learning to drink on their own.

baby holding straw cup

Features detachable handles while baby is training. Remove when baby is comfortable holding cup on their own.

straw cup

Straws also strengthen muscles in the mouth that are important for eating and talking.


4.20 Stars / 25 Reviews
4.20 out of 5
  1. Nicolle Pena (verified owner)

    Love love love!!
    Love this product so much! My baby loves it and the color is just perfect!!

  2. Natalia D. (verified owner)

    My daughter was bottle fed from birth and although she could drink water well from an open cup and other straw cups, she refused to drink milk from any cup… until I tried this! The color of this straw cup is beautiful (not loud like other baby/toddler sippy cups), and my daughter has been loving drinking milk from here! It’s also leak proof which makes things 100% great for me!

  3. Sarah Sullins (verified owner)

    The Best!
    Great first straw cup! We’ve been in search of a straw cup and this hit all the boxes. Plus very aesthetically appealing.

  4. Melira Gurung (verified owner)

    I really had a difficult time in looking for a good quality straw bottle and finally found with this one. Beaba is know for their amazing products and I had to try this bottle and it didn’t disappoint me. My 16 month old toddler loves drinking her milk with it. Its BPA free and I only wish if these bottle were made microwaveable.

  5. Simone Garland (verified owner)

    Just great!!
    We are introducing our daughter to the world of straw cups and this was a great addition along wot the stainless steel one, super eco friendly and great to start learning how a straw cup works.. still a work in progress but this will definitely be one our go to’s!

  6. Patrice White (verified owner)

    Awesome cup!
    Ordered 2 of these cups for my granddaughter for last Christmas! They have worked wonders! Very easy for her to use at 9 months to drink out of the straw… AND they are super cute! I also ordered the stainless one and keeps her milk colder longer! I ordered both in pink and she loves them. I’m very happy with my purchase!!!

  7. NXom (verified owner)

    Beaba Straw Sippy Cup
    I really like it, my baby got the hang of quickly it and it has became our favorite cup. It does lick a little bit, but I haven’t found a cup that doesn’t. Its really good quality and has survive many, many, many drops to the from from the high chair.

  8. MysticTigress

    Awesome Straw Cup!
    This cup is great! I’ve gotten other cups similar and they fell flat in comparison. This cup is way higher quality and so well made. My daughter loves it!

  9. Alice95

    Great cup
    I bought this cup 2 months ago and my baby has been using it everyday since. I love the cup. I took one star off because the straw sometimes is a little hard to suck through. And once in a while it leaks when it’s closed.

  10. Emily

    Favorite cup for milk
    This is the only straw cup my daughter will drink milk out of and we tried so many! Love that it’s easy to clean and has handles.

  11. Csou88

    Excellent straw cup
    I bought it for my 10mo baby and she loves it. I tried different ones and she was able to drink water just with this cup. Also the handles are very helpful for her to hold it.

  12. Faith Nichols (verified owner)

    Easy transition
    Gave these to my 7mo twins and they took to them right away. The introduction to sippy cups just became so easy.

  13. Pris

    I just ordered this AMAZING cup and my baby and I are just are so happy with it. Definitely a game changer, no spills and best part about it it’s easy for her use.

  14. Carolina (verified owner)

    Not what I expected
    I was excited about this cup since my baby just turned one I thought it was good time to introduce the straw concept but it was even hard for me to get anything out of it. You really need to not only suction but almost bite a little bit the straw in order to get anything out of it. Disappointing!

  15. Shae walker (verified owner)

    My little girl LOVES this so much. She carries it everywhere with her. It doesn’t leak and is easy for her to get a drink whenever she needs

  16. Kristina

    Best sippy cup
    This is the go to sippy cup for my toddler. Best sippy cup ever. Overall all Beaba products are amazing.

  17. Lalli D (verified owner)

    Cute one
    Very handly, easy to clean, good quality, nice color.

  18. Claire

    Awesome leak proof cup!!!
    We have struggled to find a straw cup that will not leak when my baby throws it or carries it around, AND this cup does GREAT!!!! It is perfect, easier for her to drink from and doesn’t leak!

  19. ChristineS

    Ordered this cup a month ago but the straw doesn’t work! Baby cannot suck liquid through the straw – not can I (I tried!). Not sure if I got a defective cup or if it’s a design flaw.

  20. Sarahxox (verified owner)

    Straw cup
    Baby still needs to Bite down to use the straw so it’s more like a sippy cup than a normal straw. But this prevents leaking and spills. Easy for baby to hold.

  21. JNess (verified owner)

    The straw is too difficult for my one year old to suck through. I tried the advice the customer service representative gave and it still did not work for her. I also made sure to attach the straw correctly. Unfortunately, this just did not work for us.

  22. Jenna (verified owner)

    So pretty
    Very pretty sippy cup. I bought one in each color and I think it was a good buy!

  23. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Cute water bottle
    We love this water bottle. This is the second one I’ve bought for my daughter. The only complaint I have is that over time it does start to leak.

  24. Lindsay

    I wanted to love these cups
    I really wanted to love these cups for my daughter. The look of it is perfect, but we literally can’t get anything out of it. I’ve even tried and it’s a lot more difficult than it should be to suck water out of it. Disappointed and my search continues.

  25. Nicole

    Worst bottle do not buy
    This bottle does not work. You need to bite down on the straw for water to come out it does not function I don’t even understand

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