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straw sippy cup

Features a slide opening that’s 100% leak proof, open, closed or upside down.

baby holding straw cup

Offers a comfortable-to-the-touch exterior that won’t feel hot or cold in little hands.

straw cup

Stainless steel bottle is corrosion & scratch resistant, odorless & unbreakable.


4.52 Stars / 23 Reviews
4.52 out of 5
  1. Rica Kim

    Love these cups!
    I have the Chef Set and fell in love instantaneously. When I saw that they came out with sippy straw cups, I was so excited! I’m lucky to have one of the stainless steel ones and my baby loves hers! Please come back in stock already so I can buy more! Thanks!

  2. Michelle rodriguez (verified owner)

    The cutest cups!
    These stainless steels cups are the cutest and so stylish. My 16 month old loves using her new cup. The colors are fabulous. We can’t wait to bring these with us on vacation:)

  3. Karen (verified owner)

    Best cup
    It’s been hard to find a cup:

    Well made
    Leak proof
    Stainless steel
    Higher volume capacity

    But we found it with the beaba! The straw is a bit down & suck to prevent leak, and the two handles make it easy for kids to grip. I really love the stainless steel option at a fair price- it gives me the option for hot or cold in a safer vessel.

    Wish there were more color choices, but that’s the only downside we see so far!

  4. Jane (verified owner)

    Favorite Cup
    This is my toddler’s favorite cup. She’s been drinking much more water ever since we got this. I’ve been looking for a good stainless steel bottle and this meets every expectation!

  5. Teresa Sweeney (verified owner)

    Love this cup!
    Bought this for my 9 month old, was a little worried she wouldn’t know how to use it but she took to it in no time! It’s leak proof and convenient. Love the stainless steal option, and also how it’s so easy to break down to clean. Definitely will be buying more!

  6. Simone Garland (verified owner)

    We are just introducing our 10 month old to the world of cups and straws and this was a no brainer, we love our stainless steel bottles!

  7. Jess (verified owner)

    Absolute best!
    This is the best sippy cup! Super easy to clean, doesn’t leak, and has a flawless design.

  8. Daydrie (verified owner)

    Beautiful and functional
    My daughter , 14 months loves this. I am not big on plastic and so I use glass bottles etc where I can but I love this. It is so well made ! Stylish yet functional. Now my oldest sons, 5 and 3 want one too!!

  9. BizyB (verified owner)

    Easily breaks
    Bottom easily came off and will not reattach. Sadly because of this I was unable to use. Without the plastic bottom the metal is too heavy and unsafe for baby.

  10. Kelsey Boyd (verified owner)

    I love the design and size and quality of this bottle! My 11 month daughter took to it immediately and feels so confident grabbing it whenever she’s thirsty. Huge game changer for us, especially in our weaning journey!!

  11. MountainMama

    Great straw cup
    We’ve been using the Beaba straw sippy cups for months and my daughter loves them, easy for her to drink out of, minimal spillage and the straw is wide enough for smoothies!

  12. lovethiscup1

    Awesome cup
    Tried a few portable to-go milk cups, and this one stands out as the best – so much that we purchased 2 so far…since we already lost the first one. Sturdy, keeps the milk cold, doesn’t leak as much as the others (sometimes will leak though), and I love that the straw can be hidden to be kept sanitary. Love it!

  13. Leadfoot

    Keeps drinks cold.
    My daughters want their water to be cold. These are the only cops I’ve found that keep ice water cold for extended periods. My only complaint is the straws start to break down and leak water faster than other sippy cups we have. Replacement straws haven’t been available so I had to buy several when they were available. That’s my only complaint.

  14. Missy

    Steel sippy cup
    Excellent quality ! I am consistently impressed with every BEABA product I buy.

  15. Ale Harnish

    Love it! Best of the best
    My baby and I love it. I love that is easy to clean, is super safe for baby, the straw is strong and no water accidents

  16. MrsVee

    Love it-as described
    Item is just as described. Spillproof, easy to clean, easy to maneuver etc. just wishing it came in other colors that aren’t so “gendered”!

  17. Morgan (verified owner)

    Stylish and practical
    Great quality and easy for my daughter to use. She is just learning to use cups so the straw is good for her to develop her skills!

  18. Morg (verified owner)

    Stainless straw cup
    Love the actual product itself. You can tell it’s of great quality. It’s hard finding good stainless straw cups. My only issue (or my daughters) is that she hasn’t figured out how to bite down and suck thee straw to get liquid out. We’re still practicing but she may have been too young? She’s 11 months.

  19. Niruta (verified owner)

    Stainless steel cup
    Love the size and look up cup. The straw is way too hard for a child to get anything from. You apparently have to pinch with teeth as you suck. My daughter would just get frustrated and cry trying to use it. She has other cups like this from other brands that don’t have this issue. I cut the section off that was causing the issue. She likes the cup now.

  20. K Brad (verified owner)

    Stainless steel straw sippy cup
    We’ve only had this cup for a few weeks, but have loved it. My 1 year old is able to use it easily, which can’t be said about all sippy cups. We’d definitely buy again if we needed another one.

  21. Antoine

    Replacement straws are impossible to find
    Great little cup for child to learn to use a straw. You’ll need to buy a new one once the straw wears out as replacements are impossible to find. Wish I new before buying several.

  22. Carol W (verified owner)

    Practical bottle for baby
    I bought this for my friend’s one and a half year old daughter. She loves it and hold the cup everywhere she goes. Nice handles and non-slippery bottom design.

  23. Adriana R.

    Best cup ever!
    This cup is truly amazing! We struggled with finding the perfect cup for our 1 year old. Absolutely love that it does not leak, and it’s very easy to use.

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