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Beaba Straw Cup Rain

Stylish, carefully crafted drinkware for little ones learning to drink.

baby holding straw cup

Features detachable handles while baby is training. Remove when baby is comfortable holding cup on their own.

straw cup

Straws help strengthen muscles in the mouth that are important for eating and talking.


4.09 Stars / 23 Reviews
4.09 out of 5
  1. Amanda (verified owner)

    The best straw cup yet and we have tried many!
    My daughter is in the process of moving from bottles to cups for milk and we have not found a cup that she can drink from without spilling, but also is easy to clean. I LOVE the straw in this cup, the measure lines and my daughter has no problem drinking from it. I would love to see it in more colors besides blue and pink too. Maybe some neons!

  2. Robert (verified owner)

    My son loves this cup
    Very happy with this cup so far. My son loves it. Very good quality. Planning to buy quite a few more things we need. I highly recommend this brand specifically those looking for good quality products

  3. Meredith (verified owner)

    Love Beaba Products!
    We love the great quality of all our beaba baby products! this cup is working great for our 8 month old learning to use sippy cup, no leak and easy to clean!

  4. Emily (verified owner)

    Baby approved
    Baby loves this cup! No leaks and easy to clean.

  5. Danielle (verified owner)

    Love this cup!
    We love this cup! The straw is so great and helped teach my baby to drive through a straw! It’s kinda a mix between a straw cup and sippy where they bite and suck, but helps make it leak proof! We love it so much I started buying some as gifts for friends too!

  6. Amanda (verified owner)

    Love the cup but not how easily it cracks
    My daughter loves this cup and so do it, but she had already cracked 2 by dropping them off her high chair. She has throw and dropped other brands way more and never had this issue. I love these cups so much and hope they come out with a sleeve or number to prevent cracking.

  7. Sarah E (verified owner)

    Cute design, hard to use.
    My 10 month old was unable to suck the straw. It’s a very cute design but didn’t work for my kiddo. My three year old also had a hard time trying to use it, the bite is very difficult!

  8. Linda G. (verified owner)

    Beaba Sippy Cup -LOVE IT
    My grandbaby loves his sippy cup. The handles are so convenient for toddlers.
    So easy to take apart and put back together ❤.

  9. Steff (verified owner)

    I was so disappointed in this product. No one in our household was able to actually get fluid from the straw. Regretting my purchase.

    • BEABA

      Hi Steff! So sorry to hear that 🙁 The straw has a valve in it that needs to be slightly compressed by your child’s mouth to open and allow liquid to flow through. This will happen when they bite down on it and suck. Once they are done, the valve will close back up in order not to allow leaks, spills or backwash. Hope this is helpful!

  10. Chrissy H (verified owner)

    Great cup for beginners
    My son was struggling to find a sippy cup that he could use and he took to this one pretty quickly! I will also say the blue is a beautiful color. We will be ordering another one!

  11. Colleen Kruszewski (verified owner)

    Great cup
    This is the best straw cup and we have tried many cups. This is the only cup that does not leak. It is made of good quality and easy to clean. My son loves them!

  12. Noahsmama

    No more spills + easy to clean
    I bought one to try, needing a durable water bottle that didn’t spill or leak and was easy to take apart and clean. This bottle met all of those needs and I was so impressed that I bought a couple more! I had to buy extra straws since my toddler was able to bite through the silicone straw but was happy to find replacement straws sold individually. The straws are a thick silicone so I don’t think it could be designed any different to prevent him from bitting a hole in it.

  13. Chrissy (verified owner)

    Beautiful colors
    We love our cup! The color is absolutely stunning. The functionality is great, too! I love that you have to bite the straw in order for the liquid to flow through. They are very affordable so I just bought my second one. Love!

  14. Toddler Mom

    The Best!
    We have tried so many straw sippy cups and this one is without a doubt our top choice. It is easy to clean, does not leak, and easy for our toddler to hold on the go! Not to mention it has a nice look and high quality. Highly recommend!

  15. Ajay

    12 month old Can't Drink From It
    I was so excited to get it and waited until it was in stock. However it doesn’t work unless your child drinks in a specific way. Our 12 month old drinks from straws, normal cups, and sippy cups, but he was extremely frustrated by this bottle. He wasn’t able to get water from it and neither were we, until we pinched the top part of the straw with our fingers.

    We’re sending this back.

  16. EA33

    Our favorite sippy
    Our baby had trouble transitioning from bottle to sippy cup and this cup made all the difference in getting him there. It is comfortable to hold, high quality plastic that withstands all of the drops off of the high chair, and has clear measurements to track his fluid intake easily. We love it!

  17. Tonya Bogart (verified owner)

    THE Best Sippy Cup!!
    We absolutely LOVE this sippy cup!! We have several now. I also suggest you order a spare straw or two. It’s nice to have extras on hand so that you’re not constantly cleaning them.

    These are strong. My son went through a phase of throwing it off his high chair and it never broke.

    Intuitively he took to this cup immediately! He doesn’t like the traditional sippy cup. I also love that it holds so much. 10+ oz is great.

    As long as you put the straw in correctly, it’s is 100% leak proof!! Highly recommend!!

  18. Annettr (verified owner)

    Straw difficult to suck
    My child was unable to grasp on how to use the straw. It was very hard for my child to suck any liquid.

  19. Laurenrebeccah

    Doesn’t leak!
    Easy for kids to hold on to, Pretty easy to clean, and most importantly it DOES NOT LEAK!!!!! Toss it in a bag with no worries. Perfect for at home or on the go!

  20. Kim K (verified owner)

    Beaba Straw Sippy Cup
    My baby transitioned from the beaba bottles to this sippy cup, seamlessly! We love the no spill lid feature and appreciate how durable it is- as it gets thrown from the high chair multiple times a day. It’s also a really cute colour and design. We love Beaba products 🙂

  21. Jenna (verified owner)

    I’ve been waiting for this cup to be back in stock and it’s great! I love the size and my baby likes it too.

  22. MAmom23 (verified owner)

    Would recommend
    Our son likes this cup! Only downside is it’s a bit hard to get water out of.

  23. Amber wu

    These grow MOLD so easily!! It’s pretty scary. These were our go to cups but now we are looking for another option…

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