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Introducing solids to baby? Giving baby the healthiest start to life begins with feeding them fresh, healthy baby food from day one.

The Babycook Duo Homemade Baby Food Maker has double the cooking capacity, so parents can cook double the homemade baby food!

Perfect for baby food meal prepping, batch-cooking for the week or feeding multiple babies.


5.00 Stars / 13 Reviews
5.00 out of 5
  1. Linda Mourtada

    A must have!
    The Babycook duo is honestly THE best invention ever! It is so easy to use and very convenient to make fresh baby food. I love the fact that it’s an all-in-one device! It is something that busy moms who take care of two or more kids, like me, really appreciate! Will definitely recommend.

  2. Carol88

    Saving lots of time
    I loved this! I was worried about how I was going to handle to introduce my baby to solid food but with this baby cook it was very easy. It cooks so fast that you don’t really waste time. Easy to clean as well, it has saved my life!

  3. Jkandalaft18

    I got this for my baby and literally use it everyday to make him organic/ fresh baby food. No preservatives or chemicals, just organic steamed healthy foods. The machine is also fast, easy to use, and maintain. I have told friends to try this same one out because you can make two foods at once.

  4. RyanS87

    No Brainer Baby Food Maker
    I was gifted this baby food maker by a family friend who saw it in William Sonoma and thought I could use it. It sat on my counter for a few months until my baby girl was ready to start solids.

    At 6 months I decided to finally crank it up and get started. I made sweet potatoes and all I had to do was cut the potato into chunks, put some water in the steam reservoir and place the potato chunks into the steam basket. 20 minutes later the sweet potato was tender and super easy to blend.

    The best part it I literally only had to clean one thing. As a first time mom, and one who lives far away from her family, anything that helps make caring for my baby easier is everything to me.

    You absolutely won’t regret purchasing this food maker. Me and my baby girl love it!

  5. Seli2180

    I bought this product about a month ago and I’m glad I made the investment. It’s so easy and makes making my baby’s food a breeze. I’m able to steam and blend all in one without needing multiple products. I love this blender for making my baby’s food, highly recommend!

  6. WorkingMom24

    Must have for working moms
    The duo helps me save so much time! It’s so convenient to be able to have two things cooking at once. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to make large batches and freeze

  7. Fel_f00die

    Makes Great Quality Food!
    I am currently using this machine for my second baby! It works so well and soo easy to clean! I like that it steams and purees all by a touch of a button!

  8. Yessi (verified owner)

    100% recommended
    100% recommended. I am able to do veggies, fruits and meats in 20min!
    I only wish the blending was also the touch of a button instead. And that spare parts were available.

  9. Felo204

    100% Good
    100% recommended this product has made life easier and has given us a more practical way to prepare our baby’s food

  10. Aw913

    Love this!
    Makes baby food making soooo easy! So worth it. Highly recommend!

  11. Hai W (verified owner)

    Best baby food maker
    Items are very smartly designed. It looks elegant and is so useful. Recommend to everyone

  12. Mama (verified owner)

    10 out of 10
    Love it, so easy to use! Having the duo allows me to make a variety in half the time.

  13. Ln2023 (verified owner)

    Easy, simple, and efficient.

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