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5.00 Stars / 11 Reviews
5.00 out of 5
  1. Jerrica Bullis (verified owner)

    Cooking for my baby
    After reading this cookbook I learned so much! It has a helpful page about when to introduce certain foods and spices. I honestly never thought to put spices in her baby food before now! She loves cinnamon in the butternut squash. It gave me a lot of ideas on what to prepare for her. I can’t wait for the farmer’s market to open up in spring to make a few of these recipes! Wonderful cookbook!

  2. Tiffany (verified owner)

    Very flavorful
    My 10 month old loves everything we have tried so far from this book. Recipes are simple and tasty. I really like how it gives an age for each fruit, vegetable, dairy and meat.

  3. Lolo8

    Great recipes
    This book is full of great recipes!! Would highly recommend!

  4. csl03

    Great Baby Recipes!
    Beaba offers great recipes that easy to make and healthy for your baby! The book has chart of when you can introduce certain foods based on age, and they have delicious recipe combinations that will give your baby variety. The recipes are easy and all of the instructions are simple to follow.

  5. Hilaire (verified owner)

    I hesitated to buy this and I am so happy I did!!
    This is the most amazing cookbook, and has increased my use of the babycook about 4 times. There are no added sugars, everything is made from whole foods, and the cookbook is arranged seasonally. It’s brilliant and tasty. Everyone in the family enjoys the recipes. Thank you so much to Béaba and the authors for allowing my son such an excellent start to healthy eating and a hopefully a healthy gut flora!

  6. jonathan

    very useful
    i bought this book once i got my babycook beaba! it is very useful for some creative ideas and giving the baby the first impressions of taste

  7. AubSolch90

    Excellent source of information!
    It’s got so much great insight and information regarding what a baby may eat at different stages. As a new parent, I find the information and recipes to be super helpful. Thank you!

  8. kdopita (verified owner)

    Easy meals
    So many easy recipes. I love the recipe organization as well.

  9. Megan Wages (verified owner)

    Great recipes
    Love the recipes and love the different options of foods in the book.

  10. Aurélie (verified owner)

    Great quality & easy to follow
    Easy to read. Great recipes starting at 4 months. The food chart for ages is very helpful & easy to follow. Photos are beautiful & help to excite you about new meals. Very excited to continue more recopies as my LO grows her palette.

  11. R. Dreyer (verified owner)

    Awesome easy to follow cookbook
    Perfect for my daughter who wanted to make her own baby food.

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