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Babycook Duo White in kitchen

Introducing solid foods to baby? Giving baby the healthiest start to life begins with feeding them fresh, healthy baby food from day one.

The Babycook Duo Homemade Baby Food Maker has double the cooking capacity, so parents can cook double the homemade baby food!


Perfect for baby food meal prepping, batch-cooking for the week or feeding multiple babies.


5.00 Stars / 11 Reviews
5.00 out of 5
  1. Leyli Usmanova

    The best babycook I ever had
    When I was pregnant I was looking on this babycook and I knew for sure that when my son will be up to 3 months I’ll definitely buy this one. It’s so easy to use, and it looks so beautiful on my kitchen. Thank you Béaba for creating such a beautiful and useful things! I’m your customer forever!

  2. Mary

    I’ve had this double since my first son was a baby and have pulled it out to use again with my second! I wanted to make my babies’ food but being a full time working mom, I was concerned about the time it would take. This is SO EASY! It steams and purées the food and with the double you can do two foods at once! Would definitely recommend to a anyone looking to make your own baby food!

  3. Elizabeth Glaria

    I love my Babycook so much, its so easy to use and saves me so much time since I am a new mommy. I highly recommend it. Béaba is the best!!!!!

  4. Tarissa Rinier (verified owner)

    Game changer
    I made baby food for my first and I would steam the veggies on the stove and then use a blender. Now that I have a toddler and a baby I find it much safer and easier using the baby cook. I just let it steam and it beeps when it’s done and then I just pour and blend. Its so easy to use and I know I’ll be using it for years to come. Very pleased with my purchase.

  5. Momma of twins (verified owner)

    Stained machine
    If you get the white machine, be careful because foods like carrots will stain if you don’t wipe it off right away.

  6. Lili (verified owner)

    It is a life saver! Love it because it saves so much time!

  7. Steph_hoogenbergen

    Convenient & easy!
    I bought the Babycook Duo as soon as I was ready to introduce solids to my son. As a busy momma to three little ones I am finding I want to make his foods because of how easy and convenient the babycook is. It steams, purées and so easy to clean! I love knowing that I am making good food with good ingredients for my family.

  8. Melissa

    My favorite baby item
    I love this product. It makes making baby food so simple. I love that I can prep items so easily and this definitely saves me money and is more environmentally friendly then buying pouches. It steams everything consistently and the blender works great.

  9. Marissbeth

    Takes the hassle out of homemade food!
    I received this product off my baby registry and it truly did not disappoint. It’s so user friendly, easy to clean and simple to use. I absolutely recommend to any mom who has an interest in making their babies food this machine makes it possible and takes all the hard work out of the equation!

  10. Yawnz

    Finally did it
    I kept taking myself out of being this, and finally decided to go for it. It’s definitely a time saver, it’s easy to use and clean, and it’s so awesome to be making my baby his own food!

  11. Jade (verified owner)

    Top Product
    A fabulous product to make purees in advance and in the moment.

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