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Beaba by Shnuggle baby bath with comfortable foam back

Soft Foam Backrest

The innovative bum bump keeps your newborn baby in an upright, seated position so you can wash with 2 hands!

Beaba by Shnuggle baby bum bump

Clever Bum Bump

No worries if your little one cannot sit up yet. The bum bump keeps baby in a comfortable (and safe) position! Suitable for newborns to 12+ months.

Beaba by Shnuggle Quick release drain in Baby bath

Handy Drain Plug

Drain water after baby’s bath with no hassle! Quick to fill and quick to release.

Shnuggle Bath in kitchen sink

Compact Tub

Easy to store and can be used quite literally anywhere in the home – sink, shower, bathroom floor or even the nursery!


5.00 Stars / 7 Reviews
5.00 out of 5
  1. Diana Frentzel

    Baby bath
    It seems very convenient.Something I’d love to purchase for my newest family member.

  2. Alexa Nicholls Costa (verified owner)

    Nico loves his tub!
    We are obsessed with our Beaba tub, and our son Nico is too! We have used the tub since we brought Nico home from the hospital, and we love how easy it makes bath time! The bum bump is essential, and makes it so much easier and safer to bathe our little babe. We also love the overall aesthetic of the tub—it’s simple design and neutral color palette matches our home beautifully! It’s also super easy to clean after bath time. We have recommended it to all our friends with babies!!

  3. Stephaniewarhol

    My Baby Bathes in Style!
    We absolutely love our BEABA X Shnuggle Bath Tub. My daughter has been using it since birth and she is now 3 months. This tub is very comfortable to use for both baby and parent. She is able to sit and lay back comfortably on her own because of its innovative framework. The cushion on the back rest area is game changer so you can rest assured that baby is cozy at all times of their bath. If you’re like me, you would also appreciate how aesthetically pleasing this tub is. Very minimal, simple, and user friendly tub. Nothing to breakdown or put together. It also comes with a bathing cup to pour some warm water over baby which is great! Tub also has indicators of where the water should stop which is a MAJOR PLUS because you want to make sure that your baby is safe at all times and there are no risks of baby being harmed. Tub is also deep enough to let baby play, kick, and splash around for a good time. We absolutely love this tub and recommend it to any parent shopping for one.

  4. Julie McNamee (verified owner)

    Great for twins
    Love this tub for my 7 month old twins as they both fit in a bathtub at the same time!

  5. ShoppingCat

    Great Product
    Super easy to use and clean after use. Fits perfect in our divided kitchen sink. Baby boy seems to sit comfortably during bath time. Highly recommended!

  6. CN11

    Super convenient
    This tub is great! Keeps baby safe and secure while getting a bath.

  7. Mommyhood Life (verified owner)

    Great design, roomy fit
    Love this tub! Was worried that this might not fit my 9 month old (product says up to 12 months) but it’s got room to spare! Definitely a more comfortable experience for baby, who sometimes just chills and holds the sides while we’re washing. There’s also better control for the parents because of the shape.

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