Yes, You Can Love Your Second Child As Much As Your First

You love your first child. Like, really love your first child….possibly even more than other parents. Probably more than you ever thought possible!

Now, you’re pregnant with number two and you’re asking yourself, “How could I possibly love my second child as much as I love my first?” You find yourself worrying that your first has consumed all the love you’re capable of, and you question how on Earth you could possibly summon up the same feelings you have for number one.

With all the hormones surging through your body, your emotions are bound to run wild. Not to blame this all on pregnancy hormones, but it’s no wonder that you are wondering about how you’ll love your second as much as your first. This is new territory for you, after all. You’ve never been a mom of two so you have no idea what to expect and that’s understandable!

But, rest assured, you will have just as much love for your second (and even your third or fourth!) as you do for your first. In fact, you will likely a deeper love for them both, and here’s why. As your second little one arrives, you will see how much your first loves them. They will build their own bond over time, and it will be adorable. You will love them each independently, but you will also value their bond.

You will look at them cuddling one another, and your heart will melt. And just like that, you’ll find that your old capacity for love has been far exceeded.

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