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Will I Ever Stop Peeing Just A Little?

Are you at that point in your pregnancy when you have to eagle wrap your legs before you cough, sneeze, laugh, etc.? If every little bounce you make causes you to pee, just a teeny bit, you’re not alone. While your baby grows inside your belly, there’s less room for all your other organs to sit just as they’ve done before. With all that added pressure on your bladder, it’s no wonder that every little move you make causes a little pee to escape, but when will it stop?

Sadly, the answer is – it depends. Many women who suffer urinary incontinence during pregnancy continue to have problems after the baby is born. If you start to notice that you’re leaking a little, the best thing to do is to start preemptively peeing to reduce the pressure on your bladder. This, along with kegels, will help to keep the bladder strong and reduce the likelihood that the muscles sag. It’s this muscle sagging that can be permanent, causing the problem to continue after pregnancy.

Once you deliver, cross your fingers, keep on kegeling, and talk to your doctor if the problem doesn’t seem to resolve after a month or so.

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