When Will my Baby Sleep Through the Night

When Will My Baby Sleep Through The Night?

If it seems like the dark circles under your eyes are growing ever larger and darker, take a deep breath. You may feel like a zombie right now but know that sleepless nights will soon fade away. Of course, there’s no magical age when all babies sleep a solid stretch of 5-6 hours, but most babies will begin sleeping through the night between month three and month six.
In the meantime, know that you’re not doing anything wrong. Every baby develops at a different rate and ultimately, once they begin to learn how to self-soothe they’ll start sleeping for longer stretches of time. There are lots of options for “sleep training” that might help to get your little one moving toward sleeping through the night, so do a little research and see if any of them make sense for you and your family. 
If it helps, the National Sleep Foundation says about 70-80% of babies will sleep through the night by month nine….so hang in there, mama! P.S. We hope for your sake it’s sooner than that (insert wink)
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