What’s Up With Gender Neutral Parenting?

If its got Beyoncé’s stamp of approval, it’s probably worth knowing about, right?


Today we’re talking all about gender-neutral parenting, which seems to be a topic on everyone’s mind recently. While countries like Sweden & celebrities like Beyoncé have fully embraced this new style of parenting, it hasn’t been fully accepted everywhere in the US. So, what’s the 4-1-1 on this new way of raising your little ones anyways? We’re here to answer all of your questions (neutrally, of course!)


Way out yonder on the spectrum, gender-neutral parenting can entail some parents to hide and (in hopes that others don’t seek!) the sex of their baby at birth or even years after. In the middle of the spectrum, parents encourage their children to play with gender-neutral toys (girls can race too, vroom vroom!), decorate their rooms in oatmeal hues, and buy any and every type of children’s clothing (who wouldn’t want to wear a tutu from time to time?) All the way down to its lava hot core, gender-neutral parenting is simply said to be giving your children the option to take part in activities they find interesting, whether that be gender-typical or not.


Some parents believe that by parenting this way, kids are provided the opportunity to be whatever they want, like whatever they like, and give a “whateva!” to some societal standards. Due to a rising keenness for this parenting style, corporations such as Targethave stopped sex-segregating its toys. According to a 2017 study, 61% of women across 32 countries believe children should be brought up as gender-neutral as possible.


At the end of the day, the goal of gender-neutral parenting is to give children the option to take part in experiences they naturally gravitate towards. On a larger scale, an increased desire for gender equality & nonconformity is spreading more and more within the US. From gender wage gap disparity, women participating in historically male-dominated sports, and the increase in number of gender-neutral restrooms, this parenting style is likely to stick around for years to come!

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