What’s in This Healthy Mom’s Shopping Cart

We all struggle with maintaining our own healthy eating habits from time to time. When it’s so easy to swing through the drive-thru on busy days, how do we keep healthy not only for ourselves but also for our children? Product labels and ads can be deceptive. When grocery shopping, you see a product with some trees and sunshine on it, and throw it in the cart. It’s healthy, right? It looks healthy… Then you read the label more closely. Yikes! Into the trash with you, processed garbage!

To inspire you, we’ve taken out some of the grocery store legwork by sneaking a peek into one healthy mom’s shopping basket. We even have some quick and easy recipe ideas for you and your young one! Happy shopping.

Stonyfield YoBaby Organic Yogurt Packs

A yogurt made especially for babies? Sign us up! Recommended for babies 6 months to 2 years old, YoBaby Yogurt is made with organic whole milk and doesn’t have any artificial hormones, toxic persistent pesticides or GMOs. There’s no added sugar, fruit, or flavor unlike those other deceptive yogurts out there!


Bob’s Red Mill Organic Ground Flax Seeds

We recommend you try mixing this flax seed with your baby’s yogurt for a healthy breakfast option (see our recipe below!), but having this product in your pantry will go a long way. When you’re done incorporating flax into your baby’s food, add it to your overnight oats, mix it in with your baked goods, burgers, smoothies, sauces, soups, or salads. The possibilities are endless.


Organic Girl Super Spinach Pack

We suggest you add this organic spinach into your toddler’s omelet. And while you can’t go wrong with a classic spinach salad, one of our biggest obsessions lately is to incorporate it into our smoothies for a fiber and antioxidants boost.



MaraNatha Creamy Almond Butter

We’re suckers for eating this right out of the jar, but since MaraNatha offers a variety of crunchy, creamy, and different flavored spreads, we’ve gotten experimental. These natural and organic almond butter spreads are great with apples, bananas, waffles, pancakes, crackers, oatmeal, and even in smoothies.


Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs

In the egg industry, terms like “All Natural” and “Farm Fresh” are not regulated, so egg producers can freely use those terms if even their products aren’t necessarily all natural or farm fresh. Even the term “cage free” can be a bit misleading. While the hens are technically cage free, they’re often overcrowded in small rooms with hundreds of thousands of other hens without access to the outdoors. Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs has your back, as they raise all of their hens at free range; they’re certified humane and USDA organic. All the hens eat vegetarian feed free of GMOs, pesticides, animal byproducts, harmful additives, and antibiotics. This way, you can feel good about the eggs you eat knowing they came from happy, healthy hens.

Spectrum Chia Seeds

We’re big fans of chia seeds, and often use them in the same ways we use flax seeds. A great source of Omega-3 and fiber, chia seeds are great in salads, yogurt, smoothies, stir-fry dishes, oatmeals, and cereals.



Nature’s Path Organic Buckwheat Waffles

These gluten and cholesterol free waffles are a great source of protein, fiber, and whole grains. We recommend them topped with MaraNatha almond butter, but they’re also great topped with jam, honey, or fresh fruit.



New Barn Cold Pressed Organic Almond Milk

This gluten-free, soy-free unsweetened almond milk is produced in a peanut-free facility, so it’s a wonderful option for children with allergies. Certified organic, New Barn also makes vanilla flavored almond milk.



Whole Foods 365 Organic Steel Cut Oats

Oats are always a classic kitchen staple, so we try to find new ways to punch up an old favorite. Overnight oats have been all the rage lately, but sometimes we use these 365 Organic Steel Cut Oats to bread chicken tenders for a healthier option.



Quick Recipe Ideas

Produce: Organic kiwis and onions

Flax Yogurt: Combine ground flax to your baby or toddler’s organic yogurt. It’s healthy and super quick!

Super Spinach Omelet: Chop super spinach with onions and mix in an egg. Add a pinch of salt and pepper, cook, and cut into bite sized pieces. Serve with a side of kiwi.

Overnight Oats: Combine chia seeds, oats, almond milk, and a tablespoon of maple syrup. Stir and refrigerate overnight. Add berries of your choice in the morning.

Buckwheat Waffles: Toast waffles and spread almond butter on top. Add a few slices of banana.

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