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What to Give a Sick Baby

It’s inevitable. Your little one is going to be under the weather at some point. Soothing a sick baby can be like solving a mystery at first. Obviously, they can’t pop some Dayquil and call it a day. Instead, try these natural ways to help make them feel just a tad bit better.

  1. If they’re congested…. there are a variety of natural remedies to help clear em’ out. Try giving your baby a warm bath. This will help their discomfort and loosen the mucus at the same time. You can also put a humidifier in their room to help loosen mucus. If you little one is over the age of 3, you can infuse the humidifier with diluted peppermint oil for an added boost easing congestion. Get your fingers ready for a massage party! Massaging around their face and nasal passages can help comfort them as well.
  2. If you need to boost their immunity… You’re already doing great, whether you’re breastfeeding or formula feeding them! Did you know breastmilk naturally contains antibodies that boosts immunity? Kudos to you, boobs. Breast milk and formula also contain vital nutrients such as vitamin C, which help boost immunity, too.
  3. It’s all about H2O… Liquids aren’t just important for adults who are feeling under the weather. Preventing dehydration is key to assuring a speedy recovery for babies. This is because proteins that fight off illness are spread quicker when you’re hydrated (think of your body like a river!) If your baby is over 6 months (if they’re under, their kidneys cannot process water yet), feel free to let it rain… into their mouths. Their little bodies also use water to maintain temperature. So, the more water, the less likely of a fever staying for too long.
  4. Create the perfect relaxation station… Helping your baby to relax can help bring down their fever. Try playing soothing music, while giving them a massage. Dim the lights too, as harsh lighting can irritate them. You can also place a wet cloth on their forehead. Basically, the goal is to make your little one feeling as if they’re on vacation in Bora Bora (sans Pina Colada, of course!).
  5. For when they need a good nom… If your baby is eating solids, then the blander, the better (just like for adults!). Contrary to the its name, the BRAT diet isn’t just for cranky babies and toddlers. The
  6. Trust your instincts… You know your baby better than anyone else. So, do what you can to comfort them and make them feel loved! Whether you have to stand on your head or dance in your underwear, do that thing that makes them smile, laugh or relax in contentment. After all, a little happiness can distract a baby from aches and pains!
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