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What To Do When You’re Pregnant AF

When you first find out you’re pregnant, you’re (likely) overwhelmed with joy. Fast forward nine months when you feel like a sweaty blimp (or maybe that’s just me!), and the joy of it all is overshadowed by being super pregnant. So, when you’re pregnant AF, here’s some suggestions on how to deal.

1) Spend $100 and get your baseboards cleaned. And the ceiling fans. And anything else that’s hard to reach, but bothering you.

2) Start a journal. That’s right…”Dear Diary”-ing is a DO in our opinion. This middle school-esque option allows you to vent your thoughts. Sometimes just having an unfiltered outlet for the good, bad, and ugly works wonders.

3) Exercise (and extra fries!). While you might not actually want to do this, you’ll feel better, thanks to a healthy release of endorphins. Who cares if you ended up craving and eating fries afterwards?!

4) Take a bath. If for no other reason than the buoyancy makes baby float and relieves the pressure on your back. Plus, it’s soooo relaxing.

5) Have sex. That’s how you got in this mess (kidding!), but it’s also has great benefits like stress reduction and lower blood pressure.

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