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Things You Should Let Slide As A Mom

As a mom, you likely feel intense pressure to be the best. To do more. To be on top of it all. In reality, to be the best parent you’ve got to let to learn to focus on what’s important TO YOU (not to everyone else) and let the rest go. Your version of slack might be different than the below, but here are a few ideas on things you might want to let slide.

  1. Slide on up – How many times have you told your kid not to climb up the slide? Sure, you wouldn’t let them climb up the slide on a busy playground for both safety and fairness reasons, but if no one else is around, be a rebel. Say, “Hey, just this once, I think you should climb UP the slide. Hurry before anyone sees!” Your kid will think you’re cool, they’ll be excited to be breaking the rules and it’ll be your little secret that they’ll cherish.
  2. PTA Mama – Sure, we love our children and want to be involved in their school life. If you’re the mom who goes to every meeting and bakes awesome homemade goodies, more power to you. But, for some of us, we simply don’t have enough time or the desire to do so. If that’s you, don’t let the, “I didn’t see you at the PTA meeting” comments bug you. You do you and what makes sense for your family. And if you have one of THOSE class moms who makes you feel crappy about it, take the whole class top-notch pizza and the best bedazzled rice krispy treats money can buy and drop the mic.
  3. Task Rabbit It – For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s a service where you hire out small tasks to people, and while we don’t recommend random strangers coming into your home, we are advocating for giving the small stuff you HATE doing to someone else. Sure, you can do the dishes, but if it’s the one thing that bugs you and it would make you happier to not, give it to someone else. It does have to get done, but it doesn’t have to be done by you. We may not all have deep pockets or uber-helpful children and partners, but get rid of the stuff that makes you cringe.
  4. Athleisure is the new fancy – There are days (or weeks) where yoga pants are the only thing you can manage. Pony tails are cute, yoga pants make your butt look good, and no one will know if you did or didn’t go to the gym. You do you.
  5. Something sweet – You planned an awesome Sunday dinner. You’ve slaved over it, but you told your kids it would be ready an hour ago, you’re running behind, and they are reminding you every minute that they’re “starving.” Our advice, present them with an unrequested dessert BEFORE dinner while they wait. This random act of kindness will make their day and calm their angst. They’ll know it’s special and won’t start asking for it every time, but they’ll also remember it fondly.
  6. Never ending errands – We’ve got one word of advice: Amazon. The occasional 1.5 hour long trip to Target can be family fun, but if your son hates shopping and his pants are hovering 2 inches off the floor, just order whatever you think will fit and return the rest. Sometimes dragging your kids to the store can create more stress than it’s worth. For boring things like toilet paper, unless you need it RIGHT now (pretty much) everyone has Prime and delivery is free. Make life easier and order online when it suits you.
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