Fabiana Ferrarini Fit at Home

The Mommy and Me Workout Plan

The BEABA team asked celebrity fitness trainer and mom Fabiana Ferrarini on how parents can tackle the difficult task of staying fit at home with children, and she gave us the (very useful) scoop! Read below to see her tips on fitting in workouts, advice for incorporating baby into your exercises, and a quick and easy mommy and me workout plan. 


Finding the time to work out while at home can be challenging, especially when you have an infant, toddler, or younger child at home readily available to interrupt you at any given moment. This doesn’t mean that you should forego exercising or give up on staying active altogether. I promise you there is hope for making it work in all the chaos and I’m here to share some tips!

Create a schedule for you and your child 
Planning ahead and implementing a consistent routine will help create order and structure you and your child’s day, not to mention give you some mental clarity.  Let’s face it, things tend to go more smoothly when you and your children both know what to expect. Most importantly, don’t forget to include outdoor time when creating a schedule for you and your children. Remember that fun movement is undoubtedly exercise too- dancing, jumping on a trampoline, riding bikes, and playing tag are all awesome forms of cardio that genuinely feel like just plain fun, not work!
Include your children in your workout, or better yet- use them as weights!
When gym dumbbells aren’t accessible kids make the perfect weights. You can have them climb on your back while you do a few push-ups or hold them upside down by their legs and do a few arm curls- get creative! Including your children in your workout makes staying fit a fun family affair that allows you to exercise and simultaneously bond with your kiddos. Whether that means going for a walk or jog in a stroller, wearing them in a baby carrier while you do squats, or having your older kids follow along with you- there are plenty of ways to involve your children in your workout!
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Don’t forget to take advantage of your child’s nap time!
While working out with your kids can be an absolute joy it can also be very challenging at times too. This is where taking full advantage of nap time comes in! As soon as those darling eyes close for an afternoon nap- quietly tiptoe out the room and squeeze in a workout! Yes, I know the dishes need to get done and the washing machine needs to be loaded but that all can wait. This shorter burst of working out can actually be very effective because you’ll be more time conscious and thus more likely to follow through and push yourself!
Join a LIVE Virtual Workout
There’s no better way to get encouraged and stay motivated than having someone virtually working out alongside you real-time! If we’re being totally honest I’m going to be a little bias here because I know someone that hosts live workouts- check out my women-only Queen Warrior community where I host LIVE workouts 3x’s a week. It’s a low cost and for all fitness levels! We’ll have fun, I’ll keep you motivated, and I won’t break your pockets in the process. Joining a virtual workout that is happening LIVE will keep you engaged and give you some much-needed adult time while maintaining your social distance at the same time.
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Finding the time to work out while at home with little ones can help you and your children shake those quarantine blues, decrease day-to-day stress, and creates quality time with your kids all the while inspiring and encouraging them to maintain healthy lifestyles of their own as they get older- everyone wins here!
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