The Craziest Gifts Our Kids Have Asked For


We all want things. As adults, we wants things like a new car or a vacation. In order to get those things we work extra hard, invest, and save. When you’re a kid, the things you want can be limitless – what better way of getting what you want than asking mommy or daddy (or both when one gives you the answer you didn’t want to hear)?

We turned to Facebook and asked parents the most ridiculous things their kids have ever asked for. The answers range from meeting TV show characters to cooking utensils and live animals.


Live Animals

It used to be that every child dreamt of opening a box with a puppy peeking his head out. Well, it’s apparent that just one puppy is no longer enough for some kids…

New Siblings

Maybe your kids have already asked the dreaded “where do babies come from?” question, or maybe they just don’t care where their new siblings come from. Either way, when your child asks for a new brother or sister, it’s hard not to be left a little speechless.


Who doesn’t want a monster truck… or any of these other special gift requests for that matter?

Live People

We all have our idols and we’ve found out that our kids do, too. However, we’re a bit surprised by our kids’ idols…

Household Items

We can only hope that our kids will grow up to be culinary geniuses and cook us only the most exquisite gourmet meals.. If their gift requests are any indication of their futures, then some of us might be luckier than others. Props to you, mamas and dads ,for showing your kids what really matters (food) so early on in life!

There you have it! The loves of our lives never cease to make us laugh. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any additions!

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