The Chase For Mommy Zen

After becoming a parent, we tend to notice the little things a lot more: our child’s precise sleep patterns, their eating habits, what their laughs and cries mean, etc. With all of these new special moments and details impacting our lives, sometimes it makes finding little moments for ourselves difficult. Below are things I look forward to doing and take complete advantage of whenever possible. Sometimes they can make a huge difference and are much more worthwhile than a night out or event planned.

  • Quiet mornings with no rush: I take my time to enjoy breakfast and get ready. Sometimes I even get to blow out my hair, cook a gourmet style breakfast, and try new makeup techniques.
  • Ordering take-out for dinner: There’s nothing like tucking into some pad thai and putting on a good movie. Just add the couch and fuzzy blanket and enjoy– me, myself, and I.
  • Embracing the silence: Lying in bed while everyone is sound asleep, I love to embrace the silence while reading a book or online article.
  • Being active: On a nice, sunny day, I can’t get enough of the fresh air by taking a walk or riding my bike around town.
  • Warm baths: There’s nothing better than soaking in a warm bath. Take out those dolls and plastic dinosaur toys, add a fizzy lavender bath bomb or epsom salts, and enjoy the zen.
  • Binge-watching: Until becoming a parent, I never realized how much joy a good Netflix binge could bring. Catching up on shows and being able to hear every part of it without pausing or rewinding is magical!
  • Tasting my food: As opposed to scarfing it down while juggling ten other tasks, I love those opportunities to slow down and enjoy the meal I’ve prepared (or ordered!)
  • Yoga: After a long day, sneaking in even fifteen minutes of yoga before bed has unbelievable restorative powers. It allows me to check in with my body, alleviate any tense areas, and add a little bit more stillness into my world.
  • Reading a book to my little one: Those quiet moments where I’m seeing my child soak up a story for the first time help shift my own perspective. We could all stand to see situations from a child’s point of view from time to time, and I cherish the moments where my little one is learning and processing.

What are some little moments that bring joy to your days?

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