The Best Purées to Make With Breast Milk

It’s an exciting time – you’re ready to introduce some solids into your baby’s diet! What should you try first? Rice cereal and fruits are popular first foods for baby, but almost anything is fair game for babies over six months old. To make the transition a little bit easier, start off with something familiar. Starting solids involves enough change – there are new textures, new tastes, and new utensils to use. The comforting taste of breast milk can help your baby adjust to all of these sensations and enjoy the flavor explosion!

Best First Purée: Avocado and Breast Milk

Avocados are delicious, loaded with vitamins, and super easy to work with because there’s no cooking involved. Simply peel, mash, and feed! Start out with just a little bit of avocado and a lot of breast milk. Use a soft, flexible spoon and offer small bites. Your new eater only needs a tablespoon or two of food at each sitting, so freeze and save for later.

Best Side Dish: Green Bean ‘Casserole’

Cauliflower is a feature in this side dish purée, so this is an ideal choice for older babies whose digestive systems will be up to the task! The green beans are high in vitamins, fiber, and calcium, so it packs a nutritional punch. If you introduce your baby to green beans alongside breast milk now, your baby may be more likely to enjoy them later– good news, since this is the perfect finger food.

Best Dessert: Bananas Foster Purée

This perennial favorite is adored by adults and children alike. Our baby-friendly version features potassium-laden bananas, of course, as well as little tastes of cinnamon and alcohol-free vanilla extract for a flavor boost. Make one portion with breast milk and one with cow’s milk so your whole family can enjoy!

Best Summer Treat: Strawberry Mango Banana Purée

This purée packs a triple punch of sweetness with three of summer’s most bountiful fruits. The smoothie-like purée combines tastes anyone will love, and incorporates antioxidant-rich strawberries, vitamin A-powered mangoes, and everyone’s favorite potassium powerhouse. With a half a cup of breast milk, your baby is sure to want seconds.

Best Iron-Boosting Purée: Ham and Sweet Potatoes

Babies are born with plenty of iron, but those iron stores are depleted by about six months of age – the time when the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the introduction of solids. After your baby begins eating meats (typically around 8 months, but always check with your pediatrician before introducing new foods), you can supplement your baby’s iron stores with an iron-rich purée featuring ham and sweet potatoes. If you’ve got a newer eater, halve the amounts of the other ingredients for a milkier taste and consistency.

Why Use Breast Milk?

Breast milk is familiar, comforting, and nourishing. Starting solids is exciting and can make weaning easier on you. Avoid engorgement by pumping milk and then using it to make delicious, nutritious purées for your little one. That precious breast milk won’t go to waste and you can take your time with the weaning process. Everyone wins!

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