Side view woman's pregnant belly with white stretch shirt and pants

The 411 on Hyperemesis

WHY AM I SICK ALL THE TIME? If you find yourself thinking, “I seem to be wayyyy sicker than every other preggo I know,” you might have Hyperemesis. So, what exactly is it?

If you’re pregnant and have morning sickness, you most likely already know the common symptoms. These include: nausea, vomiting, food aversions, weight loss, dehydration, headaches, low blood sugar, and fatigue. They typically appear between 4-6 weeks of pregnancy, peaking between 9-13 weeks and wean off between 14-20 weeks. But, moms to be with Hypermesis aren’t just sick in the morning or for short periods of time. They often feel ill throughout the day and night and find it difficult to eat or keep down food.

Why does this happen? Sadly, while doctors believe it to be caused by a rise in hormone levels, there is no definitive cause. As of right now, there is no way to definitively prevent it, however, there are ways you can manage it. Treatment varies depending on the severity for your symptoms. Preventative methods include taking vitamin B-6 and ginger. Eating smaller, more frequent meals, drinking plenty of fluid and bed rest are also great preventative methods. So, if you’re feeling like you might be sick more than normal, consult with your doctor so they can try and find a way to help you and your growing little one have a healthy pregnancy.

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