Baby with Cradle Cap

The 411 on Cradle Cap

Soft as a baby’s bottom isn’t always true, especially in the case of what we’re talking about today. Cradle Cap is a common condition for newborns, which entails rough, scaly patches on the scalp. The good news is, cradle cap is common and most often harmless. In simpler terms, it’s also known as baby dandruff. Though doctors don’t know the exact cause, some believe it appears when the oil glands produce more oil than necessary. This condition typically shows up between 2 weeks – 12 months old.


Heads up! Symptoms of cradle cap are easy to spot. The skin on your baby’s scalp may have darker patches of scales, appear greasy, and make flake off eventually. The color of the patches can vary from white, yellow or darker depending on your baby’s skin tone. Though it may look itchy due to flakes, it is not an itchy or uncomfortable condition for infants. If inflamed, the areas could seem red. Though rare, hair loss could occur where the patches are located. Patches can also appear on the face, ears, diaper area or armpits.


So, how to fix this common condition you may ask? Simply washing your baby’s scalp will help, as it washes the excess oil away. Your doctor may tell you to wash your baby’s head more often than normal to keep it under control. Brushing the hair post-bath can help the scales fall off, while lubrication can help the dryness, too. If you notice it worsen then talk to your doctor immediately to ensure its not infected and further care can be suggested. More often than not, the condition does go away on its own though!

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