Repurposing Halloween Candy

Halloween is around the corner (or over depending when you’re reading this.) No matter the time, one thing’s for sure, you have lots and LOTS of candy in your possession. Of course, a little candy is good for the soul, but you may be thinking there’s no way your little one can, or even should, eat this much candy. This brings the question, what do I do with all of it? Well, we’re here to help! Read below to see how you can repurpose your candy this year.

  1. Dentist- We know what you may be thinking, why on earth would a dentist want to buy candy from you? Aren’t they anti everythingthat could potentially ever cause a cavity? It turns out this is the exact reason WHY they buy candy from you. Less candy on your hands, the fewer cavities. More than that, your candy will go to a great cause. These events, called Buybacks, are also held at local businesses, and collected to go to organizations such as Operation Gratitude. Find a Buyback near you here.


  1. Cocktails – Looking for a way to spruce up your cocktails? Simply look into the jack-o-lantern carrying all of your little one’s candy! Candy is a great option to infuse into your next cocktail happy hour with your mommy tribe. Some of the best-rated drinksinclude Tootsie Roll Shooters, Peanut Butter Cup Martini, Lemonhead-Infused Vodka Martini, and Gummy Sangria and Smarties Mojito. All of these could easily be made into mocktails if alcohol isn’t your vibe!


  1. Donate- Donating your candy is an easy option that you can find no matter where you are. Charities like Ronald Househelps keeps severely ill children and their family together during treatment. Post Halloween craze, most locations accept donations of unopened candy for those families being served. You can search for your local chapter here.


  1. Baked Goods- Need some ideas of what to prepare for those upcoming holiday parties? We’ve got you covered. Candy from your trick-or-treating escapades can be used in several baked good recipes. Here are some of the yummiest recipe ideas: Kit Kat Cookie Bars, Peanut Butter and Snickers Candy Pie, Snickers Milkshake, Caramel Corn, Zucchini Snickers Cookies, Java Twix Banana Bread, and Almond Joy Crescent Rolls. Take these recipes as a holiday treat to teachers, neighbors, family or friends!
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