cod baby food recipe with tomatoes and apples

We love this unique recipe because it introduces unique flavors to baby and it provides necessary nutrients like protein, potassium and vitamins B3 and B12. In addition, the ingredients are readily available throughout the year.



Recipe adapted for Babycook from Carole de Rousseloy.
  1. Put the cod, tomatoes, onion, apple and sprig of thyme in the steamer basket.
  2. Pour water into tank (level 3).
  3. Start the cooking process.
  4. When the cod, tomatoes, onion and apple are cooked, remove the sprig of thyme and reserve the cooking liquid.
  5. Put the cod, tomatoes, onion and apple in the blending bowl and add the tomato paste.
  6. Add some of the cooking liquid to bring the purée to the desired consistency and blend.
Recipe Notes

As always, please check with your pediatrician before introducing new foods to your baby.