Real Men Change Diapers

Imagine you’re running errands, and all of the sudden your little one has made a poo. You head to the bathroom. There’s no changing table in sight. Are you having parent brain or is there really no place to change a diaper in the men’s bathroom? Yes, that’s right. We’re talking about dads here.

For better or for worse, this is how most of society thinks about Dads:

  • “The house is gonna burn down if dad’s in charge.”
  • He’s on baby duty…
  • Is he babysitting for the night?
  • He’s ‘’giving mommy a break.”

No, he’s a dad, and probably darn good at it.

In recent years, more women have entered the workforce and societal norms are changing. With dads being thought of less as a secondary parent, and more just as a parents, it’s important to make changes that allow men to become better parents. In 2015, Obama signed the BABIES Act, a law mandating that men’s restrooms, and other public domains have changing tables. While parental expectations between genders us still unequal, the first step is changing our perception so that dads can do something as simple as changing a diaper as easily as a mom.

Let’s encourage the inclusion of fathers in all aspects of parenting. So raise a glass, and let’s cheers to co-parenting and sharing the poo.

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  1. William
    William says:

    Amen! I do not babysit my own kids – I parent them every day, whether or not my wife is home. As soon as I notice a diaper needs to be changed, I change it. I give bottles, cuddles and kisses. I read to them, give them baths, and tuck them in bed. I take them to the doctor and the dentist. I take care of them when they’re sick. I know what they are doing in school and their activities. I discipline without violence. My wife does all these things as well. And the gender of the child doesn’t matter – I have both and parent both the same way. Men who don’t parent are missing out on wonderful experiences and feelings of love that don’t come any other way. If you don’t know how to do something, LEARN! Women who don’t think men can parent are sexist, and I will call them out. Real men are good parents.


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