BEABA by Shnuggle

The BEABA x Shnuggle partnership was born out of the mission of providing parents with clever, high quality baby products that are both easy to use and beautifully designed. BEABA and Shnuggle are proud to make the products of this partnership available for the first time in the USA.

  • shnuggle toddler bath

    BEABA by Shnuggle Toddler Bath



  • Beaba by Shnuggle Air Crib Cloud Fitted Sheets

    Beaba by Shnuggle Full Size Crib Fitted Sheets – Cloud



  • BEABA by Shnuggle Air Folding Cot Mattress

    Beaba by Shnuggle Full Size Crib Airflow Mattress 



  • Award Winner
    shnuggle air bedside crib

    BEABA by Shnuggle Convertible Air Bedside Sleeper Bassinet



  • Beaba by Shnuggle Bedside Sleeper Infant Crib Bedding Set

    Beaba by Shnuggle Bedside Sleeper Bassinet Bedding Set – Cloud



  • Air Complete Sleep System

    Beaba by Shnuggle Air Bedside Sleeper Bassinet & Crib Bundle

    $699.99 Sale!


  • Beaba by Shnuggle Air Full Size Crib

    Beaba by Shnuggle Air Bassinet-to-Crib Conversion Kit