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3.50 Stars / 2 Reviews
3.50 out of 5
  1. Shay (verified owner)

    NOT leakproof!
    I loved the strawed sippy and naturally decided to buy a few of these water bottles to have them on hand. Well… that may have been a mistake. These leak. A lot. I attempted to use one to try to help my child transition to open mouthed cups and it’s not gone well. On the first use I had one fall sideways in my bag and it drenched everything! After inspecting it and testing every lid multiple times, I found that liquid can trickle out through the button closure. Even if it’s locked into place. I was devastated. It basically makes these just on par with cheaper options. The only reason I’m giving it 2 stars is because i can put the strawed lid on these bottles so I can still travel with it. I just can’t trust it not leaking with the original lid which means it’s not a great option for traveling.

  2. Andrea L.

    Awesome Product!
    My son loves this. He drinks his milk from here and it stays cool. It also doesn’t leak which I love!

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