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4.58 Stars / 12 Reviews
4.58 out of 5
  1. Olesia K

    Beaba is Love and the Insert is Awesome
    I use my Beaba Babycook (it is my fourth, to be exact!) for 7 years. First one, the classic model, has been introduced to me back then by a fairy friend and I never looked back! I use the insert any other day and sometimes each day since then for my two kids (8 and 3yo now). Cooking small pasta in the Insert never worked well for me, but I do have my cooking ratios (water to grains) all worked out for long grain rice and buckwheat. I am sure the secret to use the Insert is to put boiling hot water inside together with the grains. Saves time and sometimes sanity 😉 Thank you for this, Beaba! Much love, Olesia

  2. Essie (verified owner)

    Exactly perfect for making rice cereal, or grains of some sort! Perfect texture, keeps everything nice and neat. So glad they offer a grain insert for the babycook. It made my life so much easier!! THANK YOU!

  3. lili7

    Very useful
    This has been very useful when preparing food for my baby.

  4. Jack

    Easy to use
    Only used a few times, but easy to cook small portions of rice without burning on the stove!

  5. MamaZayas

    But of a learning curve
    My daughter loves rice and I wanted a quicker way to make smaller servings for her. The first few times I used the rice cooker and followed the directions that came with it. I found that the rice on top did not cook at all. After adjusting the water and rice amounts I’ve been able to find what works. Overall I really like the rice cooker it just took a few tries to figure out how to make the rice cook evenly.

  6. bostonbaby

    Easy and large capacity
    Bought this to make rice in my Babycook. So much simpler (and safer for a busy mom) than boiling and steaming on the stove, and can make a lot.

  7. NCAT

    Inconsistent cook
    Inconsistent cook of grains. I like the idea of not having to watch the grains cook and it stops automatically but I haven’t been able to figure out the optimal amount of water to use because I either have overcooked or undercooked pasta/rice.

  8. Grammy (verified owner)

    Great for cooking veggies!
    The insert is nice, but so far I can’t get rice to cook without several cooking cycles. Probably just need to experiment with different grains, but cal rose rice seems hard to cook at this point.

  9. MommyOfOne (verified owner)

    Love it!
    It saves so much time and energy. I’m so glad I can make healthy food for my baby at home without buying from the store

  10. Mkc8920 (verified owner)

    Baby rice cooker
    This one helps me cook the rice and pasta so well! Easy to use and clean.

  11. Michael F. (verified owner)

    A Wonderful Addition to an Already Perfect Product
    The rice and pasta insert works like a charm! It came within a few days and have been using ever since! Just FYI, don’t overload the pasta and make sure the water is always above the contents!

  12. Hjjo

    Very useful
    Love the steam basket. Does not feel cheaply made—Solid construction!

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