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4.50 Stars / 2 Reviews
4.50 out of 5
  1. Olga (verified owner)

    Perfect for 6 month old’s first solids
    These little spoons were perfect for my little one’s first solids- the right shape for baby’s mouth, he’s able to get quite a bit off the spoon and chomp on it if he wants, bc it’s soft on his gums. The only thing is that the clear silicone stains easily so I try to rinse them as soon as we’re done feeding. Overall very happy with my purchase.

  2. C. (verified owner)

    Meets multiple needs of the moment
    I had a bag of hand-me-down plastic baby spoons but I am so happy I bought these instead. Not only are they silicone but they are also one seamless piece with no crease or crevice for food trapping. These shallow spoons work well for first foods and I am able to offload most of the food with each attempt. My little one is able to hold these and get them into his mouth by himself. They are a nice, soft silicone and he also loves to carry one around and gum on it throughout the day.

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