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5.00 Stars / 7 Reviews
5.00 out of 5
  1. Jennifer Merced

    Best purchase
    Hands down the best purchase we’ve made for our baby girl. So easy to use, no mess, no pots, no blender. Everything in one, is so convenient. Steam and blend in one piece. I love that it comes with a little book for ideas on what to make and how much water to use. This item is a must for all moms of infants.

  2. Kayla Marbury

    Can use with one hand
    This was given to me by my mom because she heard “you can make your babies food with one hand!”. Well that was true! My daughter is mainly in arms when making her dinner, and I’m able to make her dinner with the other hand with no hassle! The babycook sterilizes her food when steaming it and the blender gets the food perfect for my little one! This babycook has made my feeding experience so much easier than expected!

  3. Nicole Dixon

    Love this Product!!
    As a first-time mom who worries about everything, it is nice to not have to stress about making my 6-month-old baby food. This product allows me to make delicious easy baby food for my son. Easy to remove parts and clean and is even better when it is paired with the Beaba cookbook. I recommend to all moms!!! Love this color.

  4. Lily Monroe

    Love this baby food maker! It steams/cooks & blends all in one, making for easy cleanup. I used this for my first son & am now using again for my second. Makes at home baby food making super easy! Love the color also!

  5. Mehek

    A absolute MUST have!
    As a new mom, I was so nervous about introducing solids to my baby girl. I was looking for a product that was fast, easy to clean, and a product that takes up the least amount of space on the counter. I got the limited edition Rose Gold color! I LOVE it!
    I love that the Babycook is not only the most aesthetic product in my kitchen (I get so many compliments from anyone that walks into my kitchen!), it’s exactly what I was looking for to make the healthiest meals for my daughter. The cookbook is a great resource for a new mom, it also comes with a sleek spatula that fits right into the back so it doesn’t get lost in our drawers!

  6. Stephanie Gould

    Easy, convenient, must have!
    I bought this while I was pregnant and was a little hesitant since I can steam and blend the food on my own BUT once the baby was here, I quickly realized there would be NO time to pull out the blender, steam the veggies, and place it in there. This is so easy to use. Everything is in one place and the mess is minimal. I am so grateful as it’s user friendly AND I get to see what my baby eats and know what I’m putting in her food.

  7. Carina Arroliga

    An absolute MUST Have!!!
    The baby cook is honestly the greatest product that I was at first hesitant to put on my registry. There’s one nothing greater than knowing what’s in your baby’s food. And two knowing it takes minutes to make. I dedicate one day out of the week to make and store baby food in the freezer. The babycook is so user friendly, convenient and fast! I recommend this product to every mom to be!!! Seriously!!! Best invention ever!!!

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