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babycook duo rose gold natalie.papazian

Introducing solid foods to baby? Giving baby the healthiest start to life begins with feeding them fresh, healthy baby food from day one.

The Babycook Duo Homemade Baby Food Maker has double the cooking capacity, so parents can cook double the homemade baby food!

Perfect for baby food meal prepping, batch-cooking for the week or feeding multiple babies.


4.80 Stars / 5 Reviews
4.80 out of 5
  1. Danielle Lampo

    SO easy and FAST
    I’m the last in my family to have kids and everyone else always popped open baby “food” jars to feed their kids and I knew that for me.. it’s just not something I wanted to do.
    I do work full time though so I wasn’t sure if I would have the time to make my daughters food. This made it SO easy !!!! You can do two foods at once and literally stick them in raw. I highly highly HIGHLY recommend!

  2. Kzel96

    Making food is so easy
    This makes homemade baby food do easy to make for my daughter!

  3. Archie

    Great Resource!
    Makes feeding baby sooo much easier! Such a great resource to have!… do wish it had a better handle to pick up and put away for storage 🙂

  4. Simsseries

    Makes cooking for my babe so easy and fun
    Literally just two steps. Steam and purée. Easy to clean and use. This duo allows me to cook two separate meals and the same time. I have so much fun each time and love to see my daughter’s face after eating her meal. Also big enough to allow me to meal prep. Wish I could blend on both sides, but not a major inconvenience.

  5. Jessica and Kevin (verified owner)

    The only way I make purees…
    This product works well and is really esthetic. I like the size of the pitchers, it makes enough purees each time (I use both sides) to last my baby awhile and it’s really easy to clean. This was a great purchase. We would’ve gotten the version that has a metal steaming piece, but we really wanted the duo that would make more at once.

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