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5.00 Stars / 4 Reviews
5.00 out of 5
  1. Aliyah

    Good product
    I’ve had this item over 2 years now, usee it on both my kids and is about to pass it on to my younger sister. All I can say is while this item is not a necessity, it really makes life easier. I love this so much. I have a hack where in the winter months I’d bur my baby’s lotion in the warmer before applying it to her skin and she LOVES it.

  2. Linda Johnson

    Tough little machine
    I’ve owned the two toned green original for close to ten years. Still works great. Liked it so much, it never got gifted. Single or duo servings of veggies and fruits are perfect. Less mess and fuss with this multi function tool works great for adults. It is a people food maker.

  3. mxss

    Love it
    I love my babycook. It was really helpful and simplified food prep for my little one. I am traveling now and really miss it. I recommend it 100%.

  4. Angie Pie

    Easy for a horrible cook
    I got this for my 3rd baby. Before him I steamed in a pot and blended with my huge blender. It took FOREVER!!!! I was so stupid to not have gotten this sooner! It takes 15 mins-20- it’s so so easy with a newborn and 2 kids. If you are thinking of buying this, stop thinking and buy it asap!

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