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Step 1

Transfer the raw food into Babycook’s stainless steel steam basket.

Babycook Neo Cloud

Step 2

Press the steam button. 5-15 mins (depending on what you’re cooking!) is all it takes.

Step 3

Transfer the steamed food into Babycook’s glass blending bowl. The leftover steaming liquid at the bottom of the bowl is super nutrient-rich and the perfect puree stock!

Step 4

Press the blend button and puree your baby food to the desired consistency!

Your fresh, homemade baby food is ready to serve!


4.25 Stars / 4 Reviews
4.25 out of 5
  1. Asja

    BUY THIS, thank me later!
    This is best thing every mom should have. Not just quality, but how amazingly quick and healthy meal can be. And best part, it’s practically one dish to be cleaned afterwards. Trust me, we all need this. Start new Year with the best purchase of your life😄
    P.S. Baby Cook Book is also MUST. It has all the recipes for your baby from 6 months all the way to 18+☺️

  2. Peng

    Not worth money
    This product was supposed to make my life easier. But as soon as the product arrived everytime I steamed something it would leak from the bottom. Also it’s a hassle to break down the blender portion to clean. Food always gets stuck there

  3. Stephie

    Best investment!
    I am so happy that I bought This. Love the stainless steel and glass. It’s perfect and my boy loves all his nutritious meals

  4. Novahmom

    Game changer
    Love this baby food maker. With me being a first time mom and wanting to make organic dishes for my little one. This baby food maker has saved me time and energy.

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