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Step 1

Transfer the raw food into Babycook’s stainless steel steam basket.

Babycook Neo Cloud

Step 2

Press the steam button. 5-15 mins (depending on what you’re cooking!) is all it takes.

Step 3

Transfer the steamed food into Babycook’s glass blending bowl. The leftover steaming liquid at the bottom of the bowl is super nutrient-rich and the perfect puree stock!

Step 4

Press the blend button and blend your baby’s puree to the desired consistency!

Your fresh, homemade baby food is ready to serve!


4.26 Stars / 50 Reviews
4.26 out of 5
  1. Pao B G

    this product has been a lifesaver for our young little family. We are originally from Europe and always find it difficult to find products that are long-lasting and provide that amazing quality while also having a modern aesthetic and technology. We start of our day making our purées and it’s a breeze! One button and a cup of water – as a professional and a mum, this gives me the chance to work in my emails! 🙂

  2. Parul Bhandari

    Awesome time saver and looks sleek
    I got the babycook neo because life with 2 is no joke! I wanted an easier way, and on my first try made apple sauce. It took about 5 min total time. Now I know it’s easy, but come on, it was usually 5 min to clean my steamer. So I am sold.

    Now onto recipes! I also love the glass bowl and sleek design!

  3. Jocelyn

    Making fresh baby food just got easier!
    This is THE best baby food maker on the market! I can make 2-3 different purées for my baby in 15 min and I can also steam veggies for my toddlers! It has something for kids of all ages. The glass bowl is the best part about it! It’s easy to clean and I don’t have to worry about the bacteria that most traditional plastic bowls tend to carry. It doesn’t take up much space and looks ADORABLE on my kitchen counter!

  4. Andrae’ Melancon

    10/10 Recommend!!
    This is my second Babycook. I had the Babycook Solo prior to receiving the brand spanking new one as a gift for Christmas. I HIGHLY recommend this machine. Not only does it do everything for you, it also saves you LOTS of time & money!! No having to wonder what’s actually in the jars or pouches you buy from the store! The new glass mixing bowl & stainless steel steamer is GREAT & doesn’t leave stains behind. Best part? You don’t have to be highly experienced in the cooking department to make your baby delicious, healthy & 100% pure baby food!! 🙂

  5. Dennisse

    Lifesaver product
    Bought this blender to make our own baby food. It works great and makes the whole process very simple from start to finish. Overall this blender is well worth is cost and the money saved on buying baby food is certainly regained! The glass option was also a great upgrade as we try to avoid using plastic, especially at high temperatures.

  6. Claud (verified owner)

    Good but customer service is bad if you need help
    Product is great my concern is when the blade stops working the return or request for a new one is ridiculous! For what this machine cost it should take a long time. Many of the moms I talk with bought at the same time and they are struggling with the customer service.

  7. Pooja S.

    Leak from blade
    There is a leakage from blade area within 5 months of use…. Also, the center portion from the glass bowl lid
    comes off easily… in general, works well but after steaming water leaks out… and cosmetically the lid looks weird with center portion that comes off…

  8. Kathlin

    Leaks! Beautiful but poorly designed
    I loved our first BabyCook Solo, used it for over a year with no issues. Decided to buy the Neo after having my second baby and I regret spending money on this! Blending part works well but the main glass leaks on steam mode, had contacted customer service and they were nice enough to help me replace the entire unit. However the new unit also leaks so I think this design is just not made properly. So disappointed with the quality, not to mention the top circular part of the cover comes off after a couple of use and it looks so awkward. Overall not satisfied with the Neo, sure it looks better than the Solo but not worth the $$$.

  9. Kelle Sparkman

    Love this product
    So happy with this purchase! Making baby food has never been easier. Just a little chopping and food is ready in no time. I look forward to making new creations everyday and little Ro loves eating them.

  10. Ggio

    Easy to use
    2 in one. Amazing product . I am glad I got it. Great choice

  11. Deirdre (verified owner)

    Homemade Purées Made Effortless!
    I am absolutely blown away by how easy this is to use. Originally, I was overwhelmed by the thought of making my own purées for my baby but this took all the thought out of it. My other mama friends are in complete disbelief when I tell them I cannot only make my purées in this but I can also reheat and do you thaw frozen purées as well. I don’t think I would be making homemade purées if it was not for this machine!

  12. Amanda

    Convenient all-in-one baby cook ware
    This baby food processor is made of glass and stainless steel, no plastic parts touching the food. Very easy to use. The only issue I’ve seen so far is that the little pink cap on top of the lid (for decoration purpose I suppose) came off at first use. We have to pop it back on. Does not affect the functionality of the product tho.

  13. AlexandraNLuna

    Best baby food maker on the market!
    I have never been so satisfied with a purchase of a baby product to date. I purchased the Babycook Neo in the color midnight when my daughter was 5 months old. My pediatrician suggested it to me and I am so grateful as I was so unsure of how and what to prepare for my baby upon introductions solids! This machine and the app took out the guesswork and allowed me to embrace this next step. I love the database of recipes provided to you on the app and they offer so many suggests for all ages and food groups. The quality of the machine is unmatched! The glass pitcher and stainless steel basket has held up so well after seeing my dishwasher on a regular basis. The sleek design looks seamless on my countertop in my modern kitchen. I often use the machine for side dishes for my self and husband – especially mashed potatoes! They blend into such a smooth consistency! This cuts meal prepping for a week into under a half hour for me. If you were searching for the best baby food cooker this is it!

  14. Deja

    Great quality
    I bought it few months ago and I’m happy with it !!

  15. x3517x

    Everything all in one!
    We love the glass feature. The steaming, cooking, and blending all in one allowed us to cook for baby number #1 without too many dishes to wash. We will be using this for baby #2 soon. The opening for the water tank is nice and wide so you can access the area to clean it. Food does get caught in the handle during the blending process but there is a YouTube video that teaches you how to open it to access this area to clean it.

  16. Noahsmama

    So simple to use!
    I bought this to make my own baby food with and I’m so glad I did. It’s so easy to use! Love how I can use it to steam whatever fruit, vegetables, etc I’m using and then just empty that into the blender and blend. It doesn’t take much time at all, and even beeps when the steaming is done, and saves on cleanup time.

  17. ADTA

    Brilliant assistant in the kitchen
    One things moms don’t have extra of is time and arm’s; especially that first year. This food processor is so user friendly and efficient!! We went the unconventional route with baby food and so grateful for the beaba steam function because we can steam an egg quickly for 10 minutes- no hassle! Love it and so glad we have it!

  18. dai moss

    Best baby food processor on the market!
    Best purchase I’ve made thus far! Wish I would’ve had this for my first child. This processor makes making baby food super quick and easy. The steamer and blender in one makes it more efficient and space saving, no need for multiple machines. I love that the bowl is glass and everything comes apart and is washable.

  19. Jgga

    Easy and safe
    I’ve bought this as I wanted to make my own baby food and this seemed like the easiest to use. I’ve made broccoli and it was indeed easy to use. I love the all in one feature and the best part is how easy it is to clean!

  20. Eric (verified owner)

    Great quality and glass is so key!! I like that the steamer is also metal so the plastic is none.

  21. Sarah R

    Best Baby Food Maker
    Making baby food is so easy with the Beaba! I love how easy it is to clean and and the simplicity to use.

  22. Sunshine115

    Great machine
    I love this machine. Making baby/toddler food is super simple and easy. I use it well into the toddler phase. I was looking for something with glass parts rather than plastic. And this one fit the bill.

  23. Natalie

    OBSESSED with this baby food maker!
    I used this for the first time a couple of weeks ago since my daughter is now able to start solids! This baby maker is so convenient because you can steam and purée ! I can’t wait to keep trying new recipes!

  24. Amanda May

    Let down😒
    I had placed this item on my registry after A LOT of research and consideration, which was then gifted to me from some very dear friends. However was sadly disappointed when opening the packaging to find that the small tab which locks the bowl/blender into the steam tank was already broken off.

  25. gamer_dad

    Great product
    Love the quality of this product. We just cut things up, put them in to steam, then drop it in the blender and voila! Clean up is easy too.

  26. Renee

    Leaks all over the place
    I put this item on my baby registry because of the great reviews It got and I know I wanted to make my own baby food. When I put the glass basket into steam vegetables to purée, I couldn’t get the tops to close correctly no matter what I do there is always a gap. Secondly, when I go to purée the same vegetables and add water, tons of water drips from the bottom. I have tried numerous times to tighten the blade but for some reason it keeps on leaking. I love the idea of this machine how to steam and purées in one but it just leaks all over the place

  27. Ar92

    I like that it is made of glass and stainless stee
    I bought this item for my son, it was really nice. I like it that all the materials that are in contact with the food is made of glass and stainless steel.

  28. Chandel Adam

    Breaks easily
    They use some sort of very cheap plastic. Most of the plastic pieces are broken after just a couple months use. The lid is cracked, small tabs beneath pitcher broke off, and now the plastic holding the blade in is completely cracked (which was my last straw to write this review) and I don’t know if I can even use this again. It’s a lot of money for new parents to spend for an items that is obviously defective.

  29. Tara13

    So easy to use!
    Absolutely love this product!! It is so easy and convenient to use and actually makes making homemade baby food fun!

  30. Jessica

    Stopped working 2 years in
    We purchased this baby food maker, in glass, thinking it would last a long time. While it was working, we liked it, and we were most recently still using it to steam vegetables for our child. About 2 years in, it stopped turning on – none of the buttons work. I contacted customer service, there was no suggestions for troubleshooting, we were just told to buy a new appliance. A quick google search reveals we aren’t the first with this issue, but Beaba claims it’s not common. So now we have a $250 paperweight that the company won’t even attempt to help us fix. I’ll be looking at other brands instead.

  31. Mymy

    Nice and effective
    We have transitionned to solids 2 weeks ago and this baby food maker makes it so simple. The fact that we can cook, blend, defrost in it help us keep our small counterspace clean, with no mess. It is also easy to clean.

  32. Rebecca C (verified owner)

    Beaba baby cook Neo
    Brilliant product. Saves a lot of time with the timed steam feature and a lot of washing with the combined steam and blend. However there could be improvement in the design and manufacture or the parts.

  33. Mlevon

    Great for purees
    I bought this a couple months ago because we planned to start solids and I want to make sure I am making all the baby food myself rather than buying ones with preservatives in them. I really wish they came with better instructions, especially on how to secure the blade to the blender… I cut myself deeply in the process. The steamer steaks well, but the actual product is too hot to touch. After only 3 uses, the steaming plate (the little metal bowl) has started smelling like metal which concerns me. The blender actually purées well but you have to keep in mind that, with such a large capacity bowl, you have to use a lot of food. Otherwise, it just chops and mushes the food but does not puree it thoroughly. Finally, sometimes the lid doesn’t close fully so it’s hard to get into the lock to get the product to work. Not sure if I received a faulty one, but I was expecting it to be magical and it’s only average at best.

  34. Jessica Cannon

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Easy-to-use, compact, quick, and simple to clean. I’ve made several purées so far as well as steamed veggies for baby led weaning.

  35. aileenmartin.2997 (verified owner)

    Absolutely in love with it!
    It’s super easy to use; I love it… I cook my baby’s food every day in a few minutes! Amazing 🤩

  36. Laura L

    I love this machine!
    This little machine is a beast! I started BLW and have been using this on daily basis multiple times to steam the veggies. The consistency is perfect and it cooks super fast!


    Good blender but no spare parts
    Love the blender it is doing a good job. But the blade needed to replace after couple months because it was leaking. I waited almost 3 months for them to have spare parts available. Then we broke the glass by accident and now I have been waiting for the spare parts for almost 4 months now. We got the blender for more than a year but was only used about 6 months because the rest of the time we are waiting for spare parts. Hopefully they will email me soon because I really don’t want to buy a new blender.

  38. Kylie

    Not the most solid product
    1. Haven’t even had the babycook Neo six months and the glass bowl already chipped
    2. The blender makes weird, glitching sounds if the button is pushed more than 10-15 seconds at a time (I know purchased a hand held blender)
    3. I’ve been using the Babycook Neo four months and it still has that chemically smell to it, even though it’s been cleaned out thoroughly

  39. Marie

    Falling appart
    I never write review but this thing is really poor quality. All the pieces are wobbly, and it’s almost always leaking. I used it for two months and the white piece is now colored by the food. So so disappointed especially at that price.

  40. CamiMom (verified owner)

    So nice
    Easy to use and looks nice on my counter. I love how I don’t have to use so many dishes to make my baby’s food.

  41. Linnnn

    Pretty & efficient
    The Neo is certainly aesthetically pleasing. It’s also easy to clean, and much more quiet than I was expecting. Love that the container is glass.

  42. Laura and Daniel (verified owner)

    Worth the purchase if going to be making baby food
    Definitely cooks and purees the food to a good level for baby to eat. Helpful in our journey to making baby food. Only issue is having to hold the button down when using the puree/blender function.

  43. Brittanie (verified owner)

    Love to use this for purées and BLW! Makes it so easy!

  44. Ana P. (verified owner)

    Babycook Neo is a No Brainer!
    What a time saver. I love the new and improved Babycook Neo. The glass is definitely an upgrade. The blade is easily removable which makes cleaning a breeze. The only thing that I would change is the distance between the blade and bottom of the container. when blending there is always an amount left on the bottom that I have trouble scraping. But other than that this item is a must have if you are planning on making your little one food at home.

  45. MICHAEL S (verified owner)

    For some reason a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be. Works great just as described.

  46. Madalyn (verified owner)

    High quality baby food maker
    Beautiful appliance, well built, easy to use, makes a perfect recipe every time

  47. Sheila (verified owner)

    Nice self contained appliance
    Great self contained cooking for baby. Very easy to use, with two buttons to operate it. I suggest reading the manual for assembly instructions after cleaning, I found it a bit tricky. Love the glass and stainless steel components. The glass bowl was the decided factor for me.

  48. Michelle (verified owner)

    love it!
    The machine is easily to be clean and used. I love how the cup blender is made by glass. It tucks away nicely in the corner of my kitchen counter. Whenever I need to prepare food for my baby, I do not have to wait for long for the food to be cooked and blend. Love how I can make fresh big batches for my baby to eat. The customer service is efficient and quick in response for all my inquiries.

  49. Elizabun

    Super Easy Baby Food Prep!
    I love this gadget. It is so easy to make my baby purees, and since I am the one making them I know EXACTLY what is in baby’s food! The Babycook Neo is very luxe feeling, and looks great in my kitchen. A “must buy” item!

  50. Charles

    Very Good but Not Perfect
    We have been using the Beaba Neo for the better part of 6 months. It is a very good device for all the meal prep for our son. We are happy with the purchase BUT it has some major flaws that makes it dangerous even to adults; (1) the handle and tops get way too hot after using the steamer, I was burnt by the steam and 3 months later it hasn’t fully healed, (2) the blade is very difficult to screw back in after cleaning, my wife cannot do it alone, (3) the handle is difficult and dangerous to remove from the glass to clean; I almost severed my finger trying to remove it because I had to use a screwdriver to pop it off (i didn’t break it, as I was able to put it back on after cleaning). These are our grievances and I hope the Company takes this seriously to improve their products.

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