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  1. Leslie

    great design, crappy execution
    I thought about finally writing a review, the design of the beaba is very well thought out. It does save time and it’s handy. But they seem to have not invested enough on the execution of their product. They seemed to forget that thin plastic conducts heat very well, so right after it finishes steaming, the handle is hot to the touch and it burns your hand when you try to open it to blend the baby food. Same with the lid handle. They are both (lid and handle) are executed poorly with cheap plastic; they could use a bit of the money and invest in maybe putting some silicone on the handles so parents stop burning their hands each time they have to use it. You’d think $200+ baby cook maker would be top notch but it isn’t and it’s disappointing. Please fix this in your next iteration of the product and use top notch materials that will be worth investing so much money on this.

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