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5.00 Stars / 4 Reviews
5.00 out of 5
  1. Mrs. M

    Easy to use
    This lid was very needed when the one I received with the initial set was cracked. However now that I am getting any splatter and the lid locks into place it’s very easy to make purées for my kiddo. Meal prep made easy and a great money saver

  2. Happy Mama (verified owner)

    Love & highly recommend
    I love this brand and this product. It works so well!

  3. Lauren C (verified owner)

    Great replacement piece
    Great replacement piece for a lid we had broken and were compensating with aluminum foil! Nice to know parts are replaceable!

  4. Joel (verified owner)

    Long awaited replacement part
    We purchased the steamer/blender about 6 years ago and the top was cracked (and tabs broken) in shipping and due to the built in safety features, we were unable to use it without taping and or gluing the tab back onto the side. The replacement tops FINALLY came back in stock about a month ago, and I was quick enough to buy one. Our 4th child is on the way, and we are looking forward to using this product without constantly taping and gluing the pieces back together. Overall the replacement top seems to be of better quality, but time (and use) will tell.

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