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2.43 Stars / 7 Reviews
2.43 out of 5
  1. Solmaz (verified owner)

    best service ever!
    its such a big deal to be able to buy spare pieces here! and really fast shipping too. thank you beaba, we love you so much 🙂

  2. Tyler

    Disappointed in Lack of Spare Parts
    As we were washing the glass jar the handle came apart and the jar fell and broke. We are able to know when we are at fault and really it’s not a problem. This is the primary method of cooking our child’s food and we rely on the Beaba daily. When the jar broke we immediately went to purchase a replacement and to our surprise, not only were you out of the color we had, but all other styles as well. This wasn’t just for the glass jar but several other parts also. We had heard great things about the brand but this has left a rather sour taste in our mouths.

  3. Linh bui

    Neo glass bowl replacement
    Hi there,
    When this product come in stocks again ?
    And by the ưay can i use beaba plastic bowl instead ?
    Tks for your support.

    Linh bui

  4. Leslie

    great design, crappy execution
    I thought about finally writing a review, the design of the beaba is very well thought out. It does save time and it’s handy. But they seem to have not invested enough on the execution of their product. They seemed to forget that thin plastic conducts heat very well, so right after it finishes steaming, the handle is hot to the touch and it burns your hand when you try to open it to blend the baby food. Same with the lid handle. They are both (lid and handle) are executed poorly with cheap plastic; they could use a bit of the money and invest in maybe putting some silicone on the handles so parents stop burning their hands each time they have to use it. You’d think $200+ baby cook maker would be top notch but it isn’t and it’s disappointing. Please fix this in your next iteration of the product and use top notch materials that will be worth investing so much money on this.

  5. Fan

    The glass bowl is out of stock for too long
    The tip of the glass bowl seems easy to break. We have been waiting for months to get a replacement but this one just remains out of stock for so long. It’s funny that the whole system is available for sale but the glass bowl is not. Is it because it is less profit so you don’t want to sell the parts even though they are available?

  6. aditrap_40

    Why does it take so long for a simple glass bowl replacement !
    If its going to be this much of a wait, Why not make it more durable.. this is tacky .. the audacity.. i paid good money for this .

  7. patrick.ciampi

    Can’t buy it
    Why advertise it if we can’t buy it. Our babysitter broke the bowl. We use it literally everyday for all meals for our baby. Can’t replace it and don’t want to order a whole new one. If I could order a new one it would be 3 stars bc as good as the food is that comes out of this machine, it is very difficult to use and clean.

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