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Step 1

Transfer the raw food into Babycook’s stainless steel steam basket.

Babycook Neo Cloud

Step 2

Press the steam button. 5-15 mins (depending on what you’re cooking!) is all it takes.

Step 3

Transfer the steamed food into Babycook’s glass blending bowl. The leftover steaming liquid at the bottom of the bowl is super nutrient-rich and the perfect puree stock!

Step 4

Press the blend button and puree your baby food to the desired consistency!

Your fresh, homemade baby food is ready to serve!


4.43 Stars / 28 Reviews
4.43 out of 5
  1. Lydia K (verified owner)

    Love this… it’s made it so easy to make my baby nutritious foods as she begins to eat solids. We use it every day!

  2. Hau Le

    Time saver
    Being the first time Mom, I have seen my sister cook her baby food the traditional way or feed her the packed food at the store. It took the whole village to take care of the baby and cooking on the side. Im glad I purchased this. Everyday, I just add ingredients in, fill the water tank and just let the Baby Neo Cook do the magic. While the Baby Cook do the cooking, I can actually tidy up the house or play with my baby. Best money spent!

  3. Sandy

    We love it!
    Bought this a few months ago and the results are amazing! My nephew loves his puree foods and its an adventure everytime to watch him eat. He loves to eat almost everything and this is so much better than store bought baby food. Very much worth it for the baby’s health and well being.

  4. Talia

    Can’t live without this!
    I’m obsessed with my Beaba Babycook. As a working mom, finding the time to make home cooked meals for my daughter sounded impossible but this makes it so easy and simple. I don’t have to sacrifice what my daughter is eating.

  5. Ninz

    Best investment for my baby stuff!
    I have been scouting for baby food maker products and I came across Beaba. This was my top choice and I did not regret the decision to purchase one. I really love that it is made of glass -sturdy, easy to clean and plastic-free. The stainless steel blade and baskets are a bonus too. Best investment! Quick and easy to make baby food from fresh ingredients rather than buying commercially made products. My husband even loves this product because he can now easily set up and cook food for our LO. Just the perfect all in one set!

  6. KateHenrichs

    Amazing product!
    This gadget has made my book good endeavor so easy and so much fun! I can chop up raw veggies or fruit, throw them in, and have steamed, puréed baby food to perfection in little time with minimal clean up. I wish it would have come with clear instructions. I had no idea how to get started and had to search videos on YouTube for help.

  7. Nikki

    Easy and convenient
    Easy and convenient. Makes life so much easier when having to feed your baby homemade healthy food

  8. Irene R.S. (verified owner)

    In love with this baby food maker
    I love this baby food maker. I really care about what goes into my baby’s food and this helps me monitor that. She loves everything i’ve made so far and i’m so happy with how beautiful this machine is itself. Looks so great on my kitchen counter!

  9. Ella Thomas (verified owner)

    steaming in a plastic is very unhealthy
    The baby food maker has a glass bowl & stainless steel steam basket which is great, However the lid is plastic and steaming in plastic is very unhealthy. I would like to return this item please.

  10. Rainbow Baby Mother

    Worth It Purchase!!!
    Absolutely LOVE our BEABA Babycook. We really wanted to make our baby food for our child and the BEABA Babycook allows us to make food with such ease. I love that we can walk away and do other things while the food cooks and the face that you just use the same container to puree the food makes life so much easier as well.

  11. Lp127

    Beautiful and functional!
    I bought this to replace my 4 year old Babycook. I love the glass container. Works even better than the one I had before!

  12. Ki bi (verified owner)

    Food Gets Stuck in Handle
    After just using it a few times, I noticed that food particles get stuck in the handle after washing. I don’t know if this is a design flaw but I worry about mold growing and making my baby sick.

  13. Dahlia Sano

    Waste of money
    Every time I use the blender. the knife get detached and the liquid leaks.

  14. salmaiportales

    Great quality
    I bought this 3 months ago, I’m happy I did. Best baby purchase. My baby gets to eat fresh fruits and vegetables purée. Is so easy to use and is also safe. It takes me 10 minutes to cook, really fast!! We love it.

  15. jen27

    love this!
    We purchased this to make our own baby food. this machine has been a life changer. It does everything for you all in one. I love that it is glass and dishwasher safe. very happy with our purchase!

  16. MorganG

    Beautiful and Easy to Use
    I love this ccoker. My daughter hated jarred food but loved when we cooked her food fresh. I highly recommend. Its high quality and looks great!


    It's ok
    It’s glass and stainless steel. No plastic touches the food. It streams the food quickly. It’s really convenient that it steams and chops in one container.

    Cons: The blades aren’t that strong so the food doesn’t get pureed very well. The blades/chopping mechanisms are also loud and clunky as if we’re about to fall apart. Sometimes it leaks. And they’re is food stock in the handle that I cannot get out as I don’t think the handle of the glass part comes off.

    Overall I am happy with this purchase, but I kind of feel like I may have gotten a dud. I feel like for the money, it should be solid and mine just feels cheaply made and could break chopping up steamed apples.

  18. Laura

    Best baby cook!
    This little machine works magic! My Babygirl just started eating solids and this baby cook gets the job done super fast all while keeping her purees with the most nutrients as her meals are steamed. I simply clean, cut, throw the veggies and walk away. Such a life saver in the kitchen!

  19. momma2198

    Easy to use
    This makes making my one babies food easy! No having to dirty a bunch of dishes in the kitchen!

  20. Frieda (verified owner)

    Baby food
    Love to make baby food for my little one fun and comes out great. Easy to assemble and clean

  21. Cece (verified owner)

    No plastic smell unlike any other baby food maker
    Best food maker in the market. I wish the blade was easier to assemble

  22. Kelsey (verified owner)

    Love our Beaba
    Love our Beaba! So easy to use and a cute appliance that I don’t mind leaving on that counter.

  23. Ceci (verified owner)

    Very functional food maker
    Very easy to use and functional! Help especially first time mom like me to steam, cook and make meal ready for my little one efficiently. Love it!

  24. Penny

    Water leaking
    I recently purchased it and was very excited to use it. I like the glass bowl and stainless steel steaming. However, while steaming the water leaks and now I’m a bit concerned to continue using it. Also the product I receive is missing the lid when I open the package. So I’m a little disappointed.

  25. Carol W

    Great product
    I bought this one ago and I am so happy with the product. Save me a lot of time to prepare purée for my 8 months old. Easy to use and easy to clean. The color is so pretty as well.

  26. Yhoana (verified owner)

    Baby cooker
    Best investment ever, so easy to use, great helper and life saver in the kitchen

  27. Heidi (verified owner)

    Great Baby Food Meal Prep
    I love this baby food cooker. I really like the stainless steel basket for easy cleaning.

  28. Andra (verified owner)

    Great product, super useful. I am very happy with this purchase

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