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Step 1

Transfer the raw food into Babycook’s stainless steel steam basket.

Babycook Neo Cloud

Step 2

Press the steam button. 5-15 mins (depending on what you’re cooking!) is all it takes.

Step 3

Transfer the steamed food into Babycook’s glass blending bowl. The leftover steaming liquid at the bottom of the bowl is super nutrient-rich and the perfect puree stock!

Step 4

Press the blend button and puree your baby food to the desired consistency!

Your fresh, homemade baby food is ready to serve!


4.68 Stars / 44 Reviews
4.68 out of 5
  1. Felicia G.

    The best!
    Love this baby food maker!
    It’s so quiet & quick to steam! Would highly suggest!

  2. Chrissy

    One of my most loved baby products!
    This product is so easy to use and clean, which is especially important to me, as I was diagnosed with RA right after my baby was born. I had to make so many changes to how I cared for my son. This product allowed me to still make homemade baby food for him, pain free! I also love that the bowl is glass and the steaming basket is stainless steel! Such a great product and worth the price!

  3. Amanda Rodriguez

    The best baby cooker ever
    I am absolutely obsessed with this item. My kitchen is incomplete without it. It’s so quick, efficient, easy to use and clean. Love love love it.

  4. Stephanie Acrich (verified owner)

    Love my beaba
    My son is extremely allergic to everything so I have to cook everything at home. Beaba has been a life saver for us because I’m able to cook whatever I want in this and it’s super quick and easy. I also love that the glass and metal doesn’t get stained or just worn down like maybe plastic would so it def worth the upgrade. Thank you!

  5. Elaine Brantley (verified owner)

    Baby food cooking for dummies
    I hate using food processors or blenders and I refuse to sit around boiling random foods so this has been a lifesaver! It’s super easy to use. I’ve even taken some puréed sweet potatoes with me to work for lunch…

  6. Michelle

    This product is your faithful companion in the feeding process with your baby, it is so simple to use, so practical and efficient, it is spectacular, it is worth having it in your life, you and your baby will love it, do not hesitate to buy it! 🙂 <3

  7. Tiffany Andrejco (verified owner)

    The beaba neo is my favorite baby food cooker! It is easy to use and very easy and quick to clean. I love that you add the water to the steamer every time you use it and it does not sit in the machine. I would definitely recommend.

  8. Tiffany A (verified owner)

    The beaba neo is my favorite baby food cooker! It is easy to use and very easy and quick to clean. I love that you add the water to the steamer every time you use it and it does not sit in the machine. I would definitely recommend.

  9. Lexi Meinen (verified owner)

    Best baby food maker!
    I love the glass and stainless steel since we are trying to minimize our plastic use. On top of it being healthier it’s also GORGEOUS!

  10. Sunny

    Makes homemade food easy!
    I use our babycook a few times a week to make up a whole batch of purees for the week or to steam veggies quickly for dinners. I was always intimidated by the thought of cooking baby food until I tried this product. I speak about our babycook frequently on my social accounts because everyone needs one of these in their homes. It is also extremely user friendly, easy to operate and clean. I’ve made several of the recipes in the Beaba cookbook too and our baby loves them all. So thankful for your products and can’t speak more highly of them.

  11. Jenn

    Saves me so much time!
    I love my new Babycook Neo Baby Food Maker! It saves me so much time! My favorite feature is the self steamer. I no longer have to wait on a boiling pot. I also love the stainless steel basket and glass blender, it’s sooo nice!

  12. Selineh

    A dream!
    This product is amazing! As a first time mom I was nervous for the feeding stage for my son. After careful research I found that this food maker would be the best fit for me. I must say that this is amazing and it is super simple to use. There’s nothing you have to worry about other than washing and prepping your vegetables and fruits. Just placing it in the bin adding water and that’s pretty much all you have to do other than pressing two different buttons. The hardest decision was to pick which cute color I wanted out of all the options. This product will not disappoint.

  13. mom1010

    Blends well and quickly!
    I bought this a few weeks ago and it blends better than expected! It blends the food well and fast, even the hard items like apples. The only downside is that the lid is a bit clunky to use. But otherwise it’s great!

  14. Christine (verified owner)

    Amazing! This made baby food and life so much easier for our family! Love it so much

  15. fancyzee07

    I got the Beaba baby cook back in 2019 when I had my first and it made baby food making fun and simple. I love creating food for my little one. And now I have a 6 month old and I couldn’t wait to pull my beaba baby cook back out. I love that I can also defrost and reheat his food in their.

  16. Katy (verified owner)

    Ease of use
    Super easy to use and looks great on our counter top!

  17. Mommy Z

    Super Convenient
    Bought this because my son is starting solids and sometimes buying the packets can start getting expensive. I love seeing that I’m able to make his food without adding anything. This is super convenient and it’s super quick! Loving it a lot!

  18. Rima (verified owner)

    We bought this to start preparing purées for my daughter. It is very easy to use and does exactly what it should. Food comes out perfect. The fact that it is made in France is a huge plus for me, thank you for that. Definitely recommend!

  19. Rachelle

    Blends/purées great but issues with sensor
    I really wanted to love this device, but there are some issues and I’ve had trouble reaching customer service after calling a couple days in a row. This device blends and purées really well! So much better than my food processor. I love that there aren’t very many buttons or options, it makes it really easy to use. However, from the very first time I use this there have been issues. The sensor inside the main device that indicates whether the steaming/blending bowl is on doesn’t work. Very frustrating to have the device arrive broken and have a hard time reaching customer service

  20. Tim35

    Great for parents!
    I am so happy with this purchase, I feel so much better knowing what my baby is eating. Making my baby food from scratch, helps make it easier to know what my baby likes to eat.

  21. AMMS

    So Convenient!
    We love this baby food maker. It’s so convenient to have it all in one place and makes it easy to clean up! We had the Solo at first but upgraded so that we could have less plastic (love the glass) and clean the reservoir easier.

  22. DACS

    Easy and quick
    We got this as a present when our baby was born and I’d say this was one of the most useful gifts that we got! Our baby has transitioned into the finger food stage now, but we still use it at least once everyday to steam vegetables or fruits for him. The blend functionality now works great as a mini food processor for his tiny portions of finger foods. Absolutely love this product and highly recommend it for moms who are pressed for time but want to give baby healthy home made food!

  23. Sophia C (verified owner)

    BABYCOOK Neo Baby Food Maker
    Great product. Very useful and easy to use. I can steam anything and blend.

  24. Kim Milleson

    Very easy to use! I would recommend to new parents and grandparents (like me)!!

  25. Peach

    Wonderful cooker
    So happy I bought this about a month ago. It’s perfect for making purées but also steaming pieces of food to use for baby led weaning!

  26. Robin S. (verified owner)

    Appreciate that no plastic heats or touches the food.

  27. CAUBEL

    design, easy to use, a good assistant in my Kitchen

  28. Civan

    I cooked my baby’s food about 20-30 times with this machine and then the glass shattered even though I followed the instructions above. I’ve been waiting for new glass bowls for the past few months and they don’t sell them!!! So why the products are still selling and advertising? They should remove them from the internet and the store. This machine is good but except for the glass bowl. So don’t waste your money purchasing them.

  29. Kylie

    Breaks easily!!!
    I ordered the BABYCOOK Neo back in March 2022 when I received my package and opened it my glass bowl was damaged!
    I returned it and ordered a different colour the BABYCOOK Neo Midnight, everything was good, it worked great (but it does have a nasty chemical smell to it when food is cooking in it) for about 5 months until my glass bowl cracked! Also my blade got warn down pretty quick too!
    I’m under warranty and got a new blade and bowl in the mail pretty quick (which is awesome) and I noticed the packaging is pretty bad. I go to open my package and my bowl is cracked!!!!!
    At this point I’m so annoyed at how cheaply made this product is and the packaging is bad as well
    I would not recommend this product only because of how easily the glass bowl breaks.
    the blade is pretty thin too so it chipped already and my blade is all bumpy too after 5 months of use

  30. BabyFoodReview (verified owner)

    Flimsy parts, hard to remove blade.
    I bought the Babycook hoping to love it- especially for the hefty price tag. After using it several weeks my takeaway is that I would have been better off just buying a nice food processor. The steaming and warming feature is nice but it has some pretty big design flaws. First, removing the blade for cleaning is super hard. When I finally got it off I had to have my husband put it back on for me because I couldn’t get it to tighten all the way. He even had trouble with it. Secondly, the lid feels flimsy and cheap and doesn’t latch on super tightly. During steaming the lid becomes even flimsier due to the heat and the colored disk on top of mine popped off. After the lid cooled I tried to pop it back on and the lid broke where it latches around the spout on the glass part. This must be super cheap plastic. Overall I’m pretty bummed for the price.

  31. Lilly (verified owner)

    Must have!
    Amazing product! So easy to use and I’m not even a cooker!

  32. E&S’ Mom

    Beautiful with great features
    Decided to buy this because I want baby foods freshly made and store bought baby food pouches always mix veggies with something sweet (sweet potatoes, carrots, fruits, etc). I’d like my baby to start with single ingredient veggies that are not sweet so, I figured homemade is the way to go. The neo has everything I was looking for; it is small, multi purpose, easy to use, and it looks nice too. I especially love that it’s made of glass and stainless steel! Thank you, BEABA!

  33. Anna Bianca (verified owner)

    Life made easier
    Honestly I was so worried to add solids into my baby’s diet —there isn’t enough time in the day to do it all and this baby food cooker made my life so much easier because it’s so simple and fast!

  34. Jess26 (verified owner)

    Easy and Fast. The best investment For everyone
    Easy and fast meal maker. Highly recommend!!

  35. Kristin R (verified owner)

    Baby cook Neo
    So fast and easy to use! They also have a ton of free recipes available on the website to get you started.

  36. Daniel (verified owner)

    Convenient and easy to use
    Easy to use and does it all. Was able to use it for the first time today and baby loves the carrot puree I made. It’s nice to be able to use one machine to do the cooking and blending.

  37. Nazb (verified owner)

    Love the convenience of this baby food maker. It would get 5 stars if it didn’t leak at times.

  38. Arash Shahim

    Electrical Data
    Dear Beaba Co
    I hope this email finds you well. As you know electricity in US & Canada is 110v.
    I want to buy BEABA BABY COOK NEO and use it in a country with electricity 220v. Is it working or it needs a converter?

  39. Emily Seeboo (verified owner)

    Easy to use and clean
    I love the glass bowl. It is durable and heavy duty. The steamer is quick and the cleaning is easy to disassemble and wash. It processes and purees veggies and meats very well. I recommend this to any first time mamas.

  40. Emily Seeboo (verified owner)

    Easy to use and clean
    This is my first baby food maker and it is very easy to use. I like the glass bowl and when it comes to disassembling it to clean, it is easy. It blends and purees foods well. I’ve made liver pate, steamed beets, carrots with butter. Steaming is quick and blender is efficient.

  41. lisalm

    Easy to use but sometimes leaks
    I really love how easy this is to use and the glass / stainless steel component, however, out of 4 times I’ve used it so far, it’s leaked 2 times already. The first time it leaked was a big leak b/c the blade wasn’t fully locked in and came off while using the purée function (weird because I was pretty sure I screwed it in right) and the second time was a small leak while steaming (blade was still in place). It does a really good job steaming (set it and forget it) and purée-ing (no chunks at all!) but the leaking issue is definitely frustrating.

  42. Ninz (verified owner)

    Life saver!
    This is my second purchase of the Babycook Neo. I only trust Beabe for its quality and durable products. I bought this foodmaker for my second child. I like it because it’s made of glass and the overall it is very well made. Being a busy parent, this product makes it easy to prepare food for my little one. It has an all-in-one feature with just a press of the button! A life saver indeed!

  43. ERpoL (verified owner)

    Babycook Neo
    I love the babycook neo, I can make everything I need for my baby is just this one device and m its easy to use.

  44. Fareeha (verified owner)

    Save Your Time and Make the Best Babyfood
    One Machine for Everything! Save yourself time and make baby food easy and quick! Beaba does it all and it’s my third time buying it! I highly recommend

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