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3.00 Stars / 4 Reviews
3.00 out of 5
  1. Sarah Sullins (verified owner)

    These are essential but are so small they can get accidentally thrown away in the dish drain. Best to buy multiples!

  2. Amber Gomez

    Need product
    I received an email saying the locking nut is back in stock. But the link says it is not. Please when I can get one. I really need one.

  3. Vanessa Neff

    No spare part available
    I would give Beaba cooking a 5-star if it wasn’t for the lack of spare parts and with it the inability to ever use the machine. I purchased the duo for my daughter when she was 4 months old. We lost the locking nut and haven’t been able to use the machine for 4 months now. A total waste of money bc the purpose of having this machine was defeated bc BEaba USA has never had this part available for sale. Because of a $5 piece I’m unable tô use a $200 machine. It’s been so frustrating. She’s now eating finger foods and I no longer need this machine. So frustrating. I would have never bought this if I knew this was going to happen. I called customer support dozens of times and they kept saying they’d be receiving it soon and never did! I wish I could get my money back!

  4. Nav

    No spare parts is disappointing
    I absolutely love this product and would have given it 5 stars but you can’t get spare parts which makes a very expensive product useless. We lost the blade bolt and now can’t use it anymore. Very very sad about this. 🙁

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