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One button fuction

One button function

Steam & blend with one knob

image of babycook overhead


High-quality blade that ensures the smoothest purees. Control consistency from fine to chunky puree.

Babycook open

Sleek & easy to clean

Blending bowl and steam basket are dishwasher safe.

babycook on kitchen counter

1 Machine, multiple functions

Steam, blend, reheat, defrost and sanitize all in one


4.89 Stars / 36 Reviews
4.89 out of 5
  1. Erin Richards

    Love it!
    My babycook is my absolute favorite kitchen item. I was going to feed my baby jarred baby food from the grocery store but noticed the crazy high sugar content. This didn’t sit well so I thought I’d take a stab at making his food. Honestly, it’s so much easier than buying it. I steam his food while cooking ours and purée it, freezing leftovers for another meal. I absolutely love this machine. Thanks for making something so user friendly!

  2. Madeline

    Favorite baby item!!
    I was so excited when my daughter’s pediatrician gave us the go ahead to start introducing solid foods to her…because that meant I could finally try out the Beaba babycook I was gifted by my mother!!! It was everything I had hoped for and more. I made a sweet potato/carrot purée for my daughter first, and she LOVED it. It couldn’t have been easier to make either. I really like that the cook function automatically shuts off when it’s done cooking. That gave me the freedom to do other things while the veggies were cooking. The blender also works so well…it only took a few seconds of blending before it was the perfect consistency. I highly suggest this for anyone who is on the fence, it’s ease-of-use and sleek design make it a must-have! The thought of making food for my baby used to intimidate me, but the babycook makes it easy!

  3. Madeline

    Must-have baby item!
    I was so excited when the pediatrician gave us the go ahead to start introducing solids to my daughter, because that meant I could finally use the babycook! The first meal I made her was a sweet potato and carrot purée. She LOVED it! Making it couldn’t have been easier. I love that the cook function automatically turns off once it’s done steaming the veggies. That gave me the freedom to do other things while making her food. The blender also worked amazing…it only took a few seconds before it was a perfect consistency. I used to be intimidated thinking about making baby food, but it couldn’t be easier. The Babycook’s ease-of-use and sleek design make it a must-have baby item!

  4. Taylor Venegas

    The Beaba makes cooking food for baby so easy and FUN! I look forward to making my babes food and trying new recipes every week! Within 20 minutes I have perfectly steamed and blended food for my little one. I then freeze it in trays and can store if for up to 3 months. So worth it!

  5. Yuneiry Ngoie

    This device makes it easy to have fresh food for your baby in less than 15/20 minutes! It does many steps in one and I’m sooo beyond excited to own one! & many more of the products by Beaba! We love you in our home!
    ~ The Ngoie’s

  6. Sarah

    Food Prep Made Easy!
    I’ve never meal prepped for myself, so to my shock I was determined to do it for my little one. My son is turning 6 months soon and we’ve been on a great purée journey thanks to this amazing product! We do have a blender but being able to steam then blend immediately after has been such an ease. It steams vegetables and fruits perfectly, and the blend is smooth. Can’t recommend this more to any of my new mommas!

  7. Mallory

    I’m obsessed with making baby food now!!
    I can’t get over how simple it is to use and how quickly I can make several days worth of food for our 7 month old! I am learning to hide veggies in everything and he has loved every single recipe I’ve created! I’m obsessed with making baby food now!

  8. Christina

    Actually 5 stars!
    For some reason the website isn’t allowing me to choose 5 stars,but I definitely give it 5 starts!
    I absolutely love my Babycook! Making your own baby food doesn’t have to be a daunting task anymore!
    I am able to make multiple batches of food for my little one in one sitting using just one piece of equipment!
    Simply wash your veggies/fruits, fill the appropriate amount of water, pour in the reservoir and your veggies are steamed to perfection!
    I love the fact that you can then dump your steamed food right back into the main container and puree everything with the same button.

    Also, super easy to clean and take apart the blades each time.

    I did find that the handle and basket stain with highly pigmented foods like beets and carrots; however, the machine isn’t treated with harmful sealants to prevent staining which is actually something I would prefer!

    This model is perfect but I’ll definitely be trying out the Neo, glass model as well!

  9. Christina

    Great Product !!
    I absolutely love by Babycook!
    Its so easy to use, only 1 button to steam and puree just about anything. Cleaning my Babycook is such a breeze too, I love how easy it is to disasseble the blade.
    I only use distilled water in my machine and keep the lid open after use to ensure it dries completely before putting it away.
    Its big enough to make a few days worth of meals for my 8 month old and small enough to fit into my cupboard without rearranging everything!
    I love that I don’t have to just puree food with the babycook, I can use it to steam veggies and keep them whole when ready to move on to finger foods.
    Such a great investment, I’m extremely happy with my Babycook!

  10. Leah Dusso

    So easy and fun to use!
    I absolutely love my babycook! It takes the guesswork out of steaming foods to the right consistency and the blender makes things so creamy and smooth for our boy! I can’t wait to experiment more with recipes as we explore food. Highly recommend adding this to your baby registry, you really won’t be disappointed!

  11. Kristen Brady

    Best registry gift!
    Got this item on my registry since I was adamant on making my own baby food and this has made it so easy and so much fun! Excited to be able to continue to use it as my daughter gets to try even more new food! Definitely a must for your babe!

  12. Vanessa Cruz

    Millennial Mom Must have!
    The Beaba Babycook is every mom’s dream kitchen gadget. When I was pregnant, I started to look at ready made baby food in stores and I instantly decided that I was going to make food for my baby. I want to make him healthy food and avoid preservatives and chemicals that are in those bottles of food. The question was will I have the time? Thanks to social media and vlogs, I was convinced to try the Babycook! Oh man glad I did get it. The Babycook makes it very easy and enjoyable! It’s truly unbelievable that fresh baby food is ready in 20 mins or less! I also use organic ingredients while introducing my baby to exotic flavors. I’ve recommended this product to my mom friends and shared my purée combination recipes. I also bought other beaba products and love them all!

  13. Kiran Virani

    Best way to make your life easier
    As a new working mom I needed a fast way to make my baby’s meals. The Béaba is so efficient and time effective. It comes with recipes per age group. The app is also very easy to navigate. I highly recommend this product to make your new mom life easier. I can make apple sauce and cook meals for my baby in minutes. It is truly amazing!

  14. Kiran

    Fast and easy meals!
    I started using this product when my baby was 4 months old. I was so lost on what to feed her and how to do it. The Béaba was perfect because not only did it give my step by step Instructions but even what foods I can feed my little one. This has been a life saver for my on busy days! Especially when I’m trying to give my LO a fresh meal it’s the best. Super fast and convenient!

  15. Mariah Leilani

    Absolutely love!!!
    My friend recommended this Babycook to me. At first I had purchased the nutri bullet. But this is better x10! It steams, purées, and is easy to clean. Would definitely recommend!

  16. Katie

    Baby food cooking made easy!
    I am absolutely in LOVE with my Babycook. Running my own business, working full-time and having two small children, the Babycook still makes food prep for my sweet angel possible in a timely manner. Highly recommend.

  17. Logan (verified owner)

    Stains easy but works great.
    Everything stains very easy otherwise we definitely love the beaba we bought. Easy to use and great results. Happy baby for sure.

  18. Nish28

    Best food maker
    I bought this for my first child 5 years ago and just pulled it out for my second. It still works great and love it even more. Must buy!

  19. Terra

    Love it. Does so much more then what I thought
    I absolutely love this product and am so glad that I purchased it. It has really made my life so much easier and I am constantly learning new things an items that I can prepare using this.

  20. Eve88

    So convenient!!
    After much research I decided to go with this brand and device best decision ever super easy clean up and it steams so quickly I would definitely recommend this to any new mom I’m a full time nurse and mom and this makes my life so much easier!!!

  21. jen78

    Must have!
    I was initially hesitant to purchase this because I can steam and pureé the food with things I already own at home. But I can tell you that this makes the food making process so easy and fast. If you’re planning on making food for your baby, I highly recommend this. I can meal prep for an entire week of baby food in less than an hour. Fast, easy, minimal clean up, and healthy food for your growing baby.

  22. AP0617

    So easy!
    We used this with our first born and just pulled it out for our second. Still works like a charm and is so easy to make purees!

  23. Caitlin

    Loving my Babycook so far!
    The Babycook makes making baby food so easy! It’s pretty quick and really convenient to have the steamer and blender in one device. In a couple hours, I’m able to make 11 jars of baby food.

    Tip: Don’t confuse the water measurements for the food measurements like I did at first, ha. The water measurements are on the opposite side of the bowl!

  24. Brooke Peace Harris

    Great for baby and mom
    I have used this baby food maker for all three of my babies. It’s been awesome. I was able to make all of their food using this product. To be Able To steam and process the food in the same container it’s such a timesaver


    Easy to use and store!
    I used my sisters and it still works like new. I’ve even blended some of my own foods in there! Love the simple features and that it’s compact enough to keep on our counter.

  26. jax345

    the best
    the best babyfood maker, easy to use and clean – i used it for myson and now my daughter as well

  27. Cristal (verified owner)

    Amazing product
    Exactly what I wanted. This product is so easy to use it makes making my baby food so easy. I’m just so happy that I was gifted this item. I wanted to give my baby food that didn’t have a bunch of preservatives and or chemicals in them, I can make much more healthier options for my baby.

  28. LPhilot (verified owner)

    Best product!
    I love this Babycook! It’s so easy to use and so convenient.

  29. Anna (verified owner)

    Love my Babycook
    Amazing product! So easy to use – would recommend this to anyone!

  30. Angelamc

    Easy to use
    We got this as a gift and love how easy it is to use. It helped a lot when I was busy doing things for baby that I could just prep the food, put it in and cook without worrying about burning or watching the stove. The only downside is that the plastic broke so we needed a replacement part. Which is fine but maybe some other way to keep the lid closed would be an improvement.

  31. Karen G (verified owner)

    I’m glad I bought it!! It has helped me so much with my baby food! Also it’s super fast to make my babies food!

  32. Erin (verified owner)

    Beaba Babycook
    So easy and fast! Love knowing I’m making my baby’s food!

  33. Tammy Howarth (verified owner)

    LOVE IT!
    We love making our baby food. it is very simple and easy to clean

  34. Stacia_26

    I bought it a week ago for my 10 month old baby. Food turns out to be much tastier than just boiling in a saucepan. The kid loves it and so do I. I regret not buying it sooner.

  35. Mkd31

    Easy and so efficient
    I bought this baby food maker a month ago and it’s life changing. It makes everything so easy! I prep the food in the basket so when the baby wakes up, I just press a button and the food gets ready while I change the baby! It saves so much time. I love it!

  36. Megan D L (verified owner)

    Making homemade purées is so easy with the beaba babycook! I never thought I would be the mom making homemade purées, but this makes it so quick and easy to make delicious and healthy food for your baby. Also very easy to clean!

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