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4.95 Stars / 22 Reviews
4.95 out of 5
  1. Dubi (verified owner)

    Great purchase!!!!
    Simple to use and great time saver! It also doesn’t take up much counter space.

  2. Nina0418

    Baby cook!
    Bought this a month ago and it’s very useful so far

  3. Manda

    It’s hard enough being a new mom, this product really simplifies making healthy food for my baby.

  4. Hermiz007

    I always use this! I love making my baby purées! He loves them too. Sometimes I’ll make myself or my husband something in it. It’s so easy, convenient, and super cute. Doesn’t take up too much counter space either!

  5. Tara

    Amazing Food Steamer
    I bought this food maker a few months ago and am so glad I did! This is the easiest thing to make and prepare food for my daughter. I was also worried about cleanup, but it’s a breeze!

  6. Mepp

    One of the best baby products we have, we make fresh baby food daily, it’s fantastic!! Used it with my first and 4 yrs later still going strong with my second baby.

  7. Ashmita

    So convenient and easy to use!
    I bought this when we started solids for my 6 month old and it has worked great for us. Super easy to steam and mash with the same machine and its easy to clean up as well!

  8. Laura

    Most convenient thing ever!
    I have loved using the Babycook! It’s so easy to make multiple batches of different foods for my new baby, and it cleans so easily. Will be a new go-to registry present!

  9. AVictoria

    Best invention ever for Babies
    This has made our baby food making process super stress free. I have been telling all of my mom and dad friends about it because everyone needs one in their lives!

  10. Dahealthyness

    The only thing you need to cook your baby’s food!
    I am loooving the beaba babycook! It’s honestly one of the best gifts I got. I cook all of my baby’s food here, so easy to use and clean after!

  11. Presley’s Mom

    So easy and mess free!
    I knew before getting pregnant I wanted to make my own baby food and the béaba babycook was on my list of items to get and I’m so glad I did! It makes making baby food so easy and fun! It definitely isn’t a hassle. I would height recommend this to any mama who wants to make their own baby food:-)

  12. HayMaschmama

    Genius Baby Product!
    I could not love this product more- it’s the perfect gadget to make your own organic baby food in the comfort of your own home. SO user friendly and easy to clean. I’ve used with both of my babies now. Highly recommend!!

  13. Confessionofadietitian

    Best darn product for baby's ready to eat!
    Obsessed is an understatement. I loved using the Beaba for cooking and purées. It made combining foods so much fun for me. As a dietitian I was able to expand my horizons and sons palette. I wrote a book and included the Beaba as a must have!

  14. Kavita

    So easy to cook!
    I bought this a few months ago and it is a lifesaver for making quick and healthy baby food!

  15. Lauren1234

    So easy!
    I started using this when my baby started solids at 6 months. It was so easy to steam and purée vegetables and only have one thing to clean. Now, 4 months later, we aren’t doing purées anymore, but this is still my choice in appliances to steam veggies for him! Highly recommend if you’re wanting to make your own baby food!

  16. Karen

    Easy all in one cooker for baby
    I really used this item extensively especially when my baby was ready for solids. What I love about this is: you can steam, blend and serve all from the same appliance. Easy cleanup! Everything detached from the base to wash. It also looks super sleek on the counter. Easy intuitive controls and best of all, it really does blend well and you can control the chunkiness of food!

    The only improvements I think could be made are a glass vessel and a bigger water spout (I keep spilling the water while pouring in).

  17. Mel45

    I love my baby food maker. It is super easy to throw food together and make it for the baby. Now that my baby is a toddler I am not using it as much however it is still very convenient for using to steam vegetables or make a cauliflower mash etc. I highly recommend this product!!

  18. 2020mama

    Great for starting our baby on food!
    We have been using this since our baby started solids at 4 months, it has made our first foods journey so easy!! Steaming and blending are all done In the same place, which saves money and dishes to wash + food is steamed and keeps all the nutrients. Our baby has been loving trying née recipes and we are happy food prep is so easy. All parents should buy this!

  19. Megan

    Love the glass bowl - doesn’t stain!
    Excellent product I know I’ll keep using it even once I’m finished making baby food!!

  20. Ckgill

    Easy to use
    So easy to steam and blend in the same machine. Also can to one handed when baby is needing extra snuggles

  21. ElliesMom

    I was gifted this item from a friend who loved and she was totally right! Makes starting solids with your LO so pleasant!

  22. Patel

    Love this baby food maker!
    As a busy working mom, the baby cook makes life so easy! I’m able to steam and purée my baby’s foods all in one machine with minimal clean up. Strongly recommend this product.

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