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4.40 Stars / 5 Reviews
4.40 out of 5
  1. Autumn (verified owner)

    Ordered this as a replacement blade for my beabe cook and it was a perfect fit. Shipping was also extremely fast.

  2. Paula Realpe (verified owner)

    Excelente - Muy Feliz
    Feliz de tener funcionando nuevamente mi baby cook. La extrañaba. El reemplazo de la cuchilla fue perfecto y el envío muy rápido. Gracias por ofrecernos los productos de reemplazo de beaba

  3. Nicole (verified owner)

    really want to love
    I love the idea of this product, we bought a solocook for our son as he transitioned from bottles to food. We work full-time and he goes to daycare and I wanted to make sure I could be on top of making healthy food for him. At first it was amazing, I could prep the whole week and even a bit more so that we were prepared. I did this for about one month before the seal started to be inconsistent during steam and would pop open intermittently. I would come back to the food and it would be half cooked, and I’d have to guess how much water to add, and restart the process, sometimes i would guess correctly, sometimes I had to toss food altogether. At the same time, the blade started to rust (one month after purchase!) I went online to buy a new blade and cannister, but the blade was not available, waited until it was (about two weeks) and ordered it immediately. Now I was hopeful to get another few months out of this thing. Upon replacement, the seal is better, but the blade is awful, it’s new and does not puree nearly as well as the one that came with it did at the beginning. I’m standing over it, re-stirring the contents and holding the dial for a much longer time. I’m over it, I loved the idea, but for the price, just not worth it for only one month of good use.

  4. Dee B (verified owner)

    If there a leak, replacing this part fixes the problem.

  5. Miren (verified owner)

    Round 2
    Just ordered fresh new blades for starting our feeding journey with baby #2! Our eldest is a Beaba graduate and such a great eater that I cannot imagine it any other way.

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