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Beaba Clip Containers in diaper bag

100% airtight which means they’ll even hold liquids like breast milk, and you can slide them into the nursery bag with no risk of leakage

Beaba clip containers stacked

Interlocking lids clip onto the portion underneath (practical in the fridge & freezer)

Beaba clip containers with food inside

Reheat & defrost (lid off) in microwave oven, Babycook® or in Babymilk.

Beaba clip containers with food inside

Space (on lid and portion) for writing down contents and date (use dry erase marker)


5.00 Stars / 4 Reviews
5.00 out of 5
  1. Silvia

    I bought this six month ago and I am very happy because it is been very useful

  2. JessicaBujaidar

    Great product
    I bought it online and I didn’t knew the quality of them and I love them!!

  3. nhuds

    10/10 recommend
    I love these containers! So many great features. A totally underrated one being the ability to write on them (with dry erase markers of course) because Lord knows I can’t remember exactly when I made baby’s food. SO helpful!

  4. Boyzmama (verified owner)

    Very practical
    Very useful for daycare where they don’t allow glass containers

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