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    Beaba Air Purifier

    BEABA Nursery Air Purifier

    $149.95 Sale!



5.00 Stars / 6 Reviews
5.00 out of 5
  1. birdfeeder

    Super easy to change out!
    I love the Beaba air purifier and I was shocked at how much dust had accumulated on the old filter when I replaced it.

  2. Raina (verified owner)

    Quality of air better than Dyson
    I was impressed with the quality of air this purifier provided. The output of air is actually better than what Dyson has been doing for me (I own two different models of their air purifiers). If you’re not picky about having the option to connect to your phone and all that jazz, this purifier is highly recommended! I liked the air purifier so much that I bought four filters ahead of time to prepare for the wildfires.

  3. Beck

    Works great!
    The filter was very easy to switch out. We love our air purifier!

  4. HomeGoodsBuyer (verified owner)

    Clean Air in the Home Office
    I bought the Beaba Air Purifier a while back to clean up the air in my small home office. In particular, I wanted to put it by the laser printer. The air really feels cleaner in my office and helps me feel more energized throughout the day. The unit is also nice and quiet. This replacement filter is easy to put in.

  5. Sheree Fischer

    Terrific product. I have bought several other air filter machines over the years and this is by far the best. Need to order more filters for both of my purifiers!

  6. Em2myer

    Great price and Easy to install!
    The filters are a great price and easy to install! Overall this air purifier system is wonderful! The air in my office feels so clean!

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