Potty Training Fails

Daunting and dirty: that’s how potty training is typically perceived. If you haven’t already started potty-training, you’ll soon find out that your innocent diaper-wearing baby will likely find a creative way of interpreting what you’re attempting to train them to do. They may think their “doo” is the family pet’s dinner or they may think it’s finger paint. Or, they just may ingeniously follow your instructions… before throwing a priceless piece of technology in the toilet they’ve just used. Whether you’ve fought the bathroom battle already or you’re gearing up to, know you’re not alone. These parents’ stories will help keep everything in perspective and may even cause you to laugh about this monumental (and messy) phase!


?Potty training day 2? Please send more wine and happy thoughts my way. Having kids of multiple ages is so challenging. Dealing with my 14 year old’s attitude and potty training my 2 year old while giving my 6 year old enough attention in between has me fully exhausted mentally and physically today! Mommy is taking a time out, laying on the living room floor with a glass of wine. I think there’s pee on this carpet…I swear…I smell pee… Why don’t I remember potty training being this hard the last 2 times! . . . . . #momneedswine #mommystimeout #sendmorewine #pottytraining #biggirlundies #terribletwos #pottytrainingishard #momofthree #toddlermom #tiredmom #balancingact #fridaynight #ismellpee #onedayatatime #patience #practicepracticepractice #wine #moscato #flipflopwine #mommyistired #findingahealthyhappy

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