Our Favorite Pantry-Friendly Purees

Just because we are staying home more, doesn’t mean healthy recipes for your baby have to disappear! Here are a few of our Favorite Pantry-Friendly Purees.

  1. Potato Carrot Mash – From the table to baby’s dish – mash up some potatoes and carrots to give baby a new way to enjoy veggies! This recipe is yummy enough for adults, too.
  2. Basic Broccoli – Simple, tasty and most likely in your freezer!
  3. Easy Green Beans – We’re on Team Beans over here, and we think that you’ll be, too, after seeing how simple this recipe is! If your little one doesn’t like plain green beans, or if you’d like to mix up this dish a bit, try adding sweet potatoes or carrots.
  4. Ginger Butternut Squash – If you want immunity around the clock, look no more. This Ginger Butternut Squash Puree boosts immunity, while also introduces baby to the new flavor of ginger. If you don’t have fresh ginger, you can substitute with ginger powder.
  5. Mixed Berry Puree – If you have some frozen fruit for your smoothies, they can also be used to serve up a fruitylicious puree for baby! Sometimes, it’s the simple things that taste so right. Enjoy this mixed berry puree any time of day!

We hope you enjoy trying out a few of our Favorite Pantry-Friendly Purees. Let us know if how you like them over on our Instagram or comment below.


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