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One-Month Bumps

My bumps, my lovely baby bumps! If your little bundle of joy has started to pop up with what looks like acne at about four weeks of age, don’t be alarmed. It’s actually quite common! Here’s everything you need to know about One-Month Bumps.


The 411

Also known as neonatal acne, this skin condition occurs in roughly20% of newborns. The exact cause of the bumps is not clear, however, it’s believed by some doctors that a mothers hormones can go into the baby’s system, stimulating their sebaceous(oil) glands and thus causing the lovely baby bumps. These bumps look like small red (or white) pimples and can end up anywhere on the body, though it’s most apparent on their cheeks and nose. Symptoms can also include white heads and reddish skin surrounding the bumps.


To manage the bumps, keep the skin clean, cleanse the area with warm water twice a day, patting the skin dry gently. Avoid using soap or lotion on affected areas, as these can exacerbate the issue, just as vomit, saliva, and rough fabrics can.


If you’re worried, don’t be! Newborn acne is considered to be completely normal and though it develops within 2 to 4 weeks after birth, the good news is it also ‘pops’ out of your little one’s life after a just few months (& sometimes even quicker!)

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